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I recently saw your post. I sincerely wish you the best. I am a cancer survivor myself. Diagnosed at 27 while I was a PhD student at Princeton. Really threw a wrench into things I had planned for life.
I hope you find help and a successful treatment.
I don’t know your situation but you might try to find a local support network for mental support. It is literally a fight for your life and while many people wish you well I don’t think anyone can truly know the weight of the words,“You have cancer.”, unless they have heard them. I don’t wish it on anyone and I am glad you have found support here. I am sure you have many people you can talk to but in all honesty, if you need anything feel free to reply and I will give you my contact info so you can DM me on Twitter etc.
Remember that God is with you and he does hear all prayers even if sometimes the answer is no (yes I know that line is from Morgan Freeman’s character but it surely is true.)


@Jedon waiting stinks especially when you’re in pain. Praying you can have your surgery soon & that treatment is brutal on the cancer cells while your body’s normal cells are protected & work exactly how they are meant to work. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! May the One who designed your body to heal with Chuck Norris skill & precision continue to comfort, heal, guide, protect, support and sustain you! May you feel His Presence going into battle before, behind, above you, below you, to your right & left. May He fill you with His power not only to experience miraculous healing, but to continue to do the significant & even miraculous things He has destined you to do. May your life continue to point to His goodness, power, mercy & grace. His power is truly revealed in our weakness. You are amazing, Jedon. Thank you for persevering. Strength & courage!!! Strength & courage!!! Strength & courage!!! :muscle: :rescue_worker_helmet: :bouquet: :heart:


Good to see you posting again, and thank you as always for the update. As you can see the Community gets quite worried when you do not post for a while. Best of Luck with your butt! :peach::joy:

All kidding aside, take care of yourself and I hope for a speedy recovery for this current trial. :muscle:


Many happy dances to hear from younagain, despite mixed news. Still sure you will beat it!
After all, life is truly amazing and surprising. Had anyone told me, a few months back, that I would be praying for butt relief for an egyptian monk, I would have gone for a restraining order.
It is a wonderful life, pain and all, and we’ll be having our full share of it!


I agree @Saphirra I’d buy his book. @Jedon I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you share your belief, and your strong will. Your story would help others, you’ve helped me and don’t know me. I suffer from a few medical issues myself. And it’s amazing how when I hit a low point God lets me see a testimony like yours. Your testimony in particular touched me more than any other has. Thank you for your bravery, shared faith, and positive attitude. Please if possible consider a book or memoir. Many here would buy it I’m sure. Praying for you @Jedon.


Surgery worked.
I may get out from hospital today.
Been very hard past days.
Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.
Thank you all my family and friends for the huge support.


Glad to hear that! Although im quite new here i’ve been now following somo of your threats and its nice to hear that!


Very good to hear @Jedon. Wonderful. You sitting better now?


That’s fantastic news! :peach: :smile:


In the trials you have faced since started where you were faced with one obstacle after another and things for the most part have not gone well or as you have planned for them to go, it is good to hear something that “worked” according to plan, even if this something is actually a surgical procedure that places your body in a state of stress.

Good to see you and thumby posting your own updates friend @Jedon. It certainly puts the minds of your friends here much more at ease than if we had to learn of your well being from your alliance leader or alliance mates, sometimes in a delayed state.

May this be the start of your next step in your recovery process and blessed journey towards Batolian monk-hood.


Amazing news @Jedon, I am so happy for you. Still fully behind you and crossing fingers / toes / eyes / t’s / whatever else I can.


Hope this finds you able to “Sit” again! Hemorrhoid surgery is so uncomfortable for a healthy person, let alone one with your problems. Praying for a full, painless and quick recovery!

Obviously, the Lord is not done with you yet…the Good News. Sorry to hear about the setbacks…the Bad news. Glad you are able to chat with us and play E&P again. Keep on keeping on, you have lots of us following your journey. You give so much hope in your posts…Take Care…a fellow Cancer Survivor 1 yr so far!


Yay! So pleased to hear it went well - no kore pain in the butt…well ince it’s healed :grimacing:

Wishing you a fast recovery so you’ll get to sit down, comfortably, and play your favorite game :heart:


Just had a thought…a new HoTM should be a Healer, named Jedon, and in Monk class!

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @KiraSG wink, wink, nudge, nudge


I support that, but only one of those three people works for Small Giant…


I know, thought if I tagged and Garanwyn it would add some “weight” :grimacing:


I’ll be over here dieting :rofl:


@Jedon Thank God Thank God Thank God!!!

So happy for answered prayers, good doctors, relief, and your grateful heart!!!

Keep healing!!! Go, Jedon, GO!!! :bouquet: :heart: :muscle: :pray: :clap:


Oh my, It was hard times but Lord is merciful :heart:
Oh my, it was dark thought but community is helpful :heart:
I read your posts and a big lighthouse of hope comforts me, telling me that it matter, keeping me on the way that I am starting to see the light in its end.
You guys are amazing, huge support from all old names and a very honest wishes even from the new great friends on forum.
I am a lucky man. Cause every time I feel lonely, I open it here an see new posts to encourage me.
I am even seeing some old friends coming back to post on this thread. And I am grateful for that. Just wish to hear from Razor I hope he is fine and doing great.
@MrsBCW a healer names Jedon will be painful tho, it’s another HOTM that I will not have :joy: you keep forgetting I am F2P so imagin every one here getting Jedon and Jedon his self is just Spector mode lol.
@zephyr1 it would be easier to get me one 4^80 +10 GM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I don’t think even could happen.
Recovering I am on it. @Shohoku79 I am on way to Light Batolian Monk rank. Prayers are my heaven and you guys are my Angles.
Thanks for being here all the time for me.
Have a very great day.
Yours, Jedon.


Great to hear from you, and in higher spirits it seems. God bless you @Jedon. As long as your fighting, it gives me hope in my day to day fights. Thx a bunch, brother.


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