Personal reasons

I :heart: you brother! RaZ


Jedon you are a monumental inspiration to us all here the way you worry about us with all that’s happening to you. I wish I had half the compassion you do but I try, how I try.

Thank you for being the person you are and for touching my life this way. Keep it up!


Thank you for the update @Jedon you have been in our thoughts here and it is great to see you posting again. I know you have been missed.




Definitely a “bro” my friend, lol. Outside of all this I go by Dave :slight_smile:.


I had some thing like that now in my Thumby :smiley:
Its good self test.

Personal update:
I am starting to feel my leg but not full control yet … I can feel my wheight on it but yet need nurse help to do few steps but this gives pain to my back and doctors don’t recommend me to try walk with no help.
Still left hand no feelings but I can move the arm!
I am happy and glad with the electro wheelchair I can control it with right hand all directions and this wont be happening with out your help guys.
I hope you are all having great lives, great pulls and many drops in loots of all ways.
Have a great day you all.


Thank you Brother Dave :smile:
Your donation made it happen to the wheelchair.
I had new screen to my J5 samsung and now I am using the phone with 1 hand and I can say I am now good doing this. Thanks gor being around bro.


Seriously, seeing an update on this thread with a comment by you, @Jedon always puts a smile on my face!
I’m happy that things seem to be getting better for you!


Excellent @Jedon!! The phone was what we were all concerned with at 1st as it would be terrible to think of you being stuck with no way to communicate. I wasn’t initially aware of the wheelchair issue but I’m glad it helped my friend!! And thank you for keeping us posted. I hope this “stage 3” treatment does it’s job and your body can begin to heal itself soon. Take care bud, I and all of your friends will always be here for you in any way needed!


@Jedon, you mean you have a Electro Wheel Chair and Thumby is working strong but overtime because you don’t have a lap desk attachment? I would think as you are sitting/resting in your bed, you could have some lap desk (you see those on informercials all the time that say these things are perfect for BNB situations), or when you are cruising down the halls on your electro wheel chair, you would have those attachment that hold the phone/tablet so you only have to control your finger (or Thumby) movements?

All joking aside and showering praises to Thumby, just glad to see your updates.

Keep at it, my friend.


I don’t have laptop (desc) cause I sold mine lomg ago when I needed the appendix surgery.
I only rely on my J5 samsung phone to communicte with you.
I tought my self to hold it with my right gand and to type only with 1 finger which is my herotic Thumby :smiley:
Thats what I meant.
The electricity wheel chair has control stick to move it in all directions then regular wheel chairs with physical power needed to push the chair around. Cause my thumby is tc20 hero not atlantis one :rofl: !


@Jedon I’m pleased to hear of your progress!

I do hope they have selected some fine looking nurses to give you sponge baths :grimacing:

I can just picture you whizzing down the hallway :slightly_smiling_face:

Wishing you all the best my friend :heart:


I choosed already my nurses team and they are all males.
I don’t get naked infornt of any lady cause its agenist of my promes to become a Batolian Monk.
I don’t need sponge bath … I have still a hand working to use … I am happy that I still can do my personal objects on my on.
Nurse only need to help me get into the bath sink :stuck_out_tongue:


This just makes my day! Every little bit of progress is so encouraging! Thank you so much for thinking of us, and letting us know how things are going!

Go, Thumby!


Sounds like Thumby and Chuck Norris would make a dynamic duo :rofl:


@Jedon thrilled to hear nerves are repairing!!! :fireworks: : fireworks: : fireworks:!!!
Thank you for keeping us updated!!! Always praying for you!!! :pray: :bouquet: :vulcan_salute:


@Jedon I hadn’t heard of a Batolian monk so I googled it…it took me to a page about Saint Makarios & his miracle of healing a girl whose arm wasn’t moving!!! God is BIG my friend. Never forget that. :pray: :pray: :pray: :tea: :cake: :muscle: :sunflower:



I too searched Batolian monk but just got some weird in-game reference for WOW.

St. Macarius of Egypt, called “Paidarion Geron” meaning “young man with the elders’ wisdom”.

Yup, sounds like @Jedon alright. As opposed to me, elder with young man’s foolishness :sunglasses:


This is what came up with my search


There are actually (at least) three Saints, one St Macarius of Egypt and one St Macarius of Alexandria, and one St Makarios of Corinth.

The one from Egypt (who was friends with Macarius of Alexandria) seems most closely associated with monks.

Not sure how “Batolian” fits in.


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