Personal reasons

Heals himself and nearby for 740 lp over 3 turns. All allies get +40% def for 3 turns. Elemental non dispellable resistance against special skills for 3 turns.


It’s been quiet here… Does anyone know how Jedon is doing?


@MrsBCW @Razor… Any news from @jedon through titan mafia of email?


My friend this is too much.
I am so moved, that you just thought about that.


Personal update:
I am on more of cemical experimental drug portions which are like an acid into my viens!
But I used to its pain sort of its less than my previois pain during detox week.
It is reducing the tumor and doctors are hoping that I am up to the 5% rate of healing way.
After 1 week will be no more radiation cources and will be more acid aka that drug lol.
I am happier man than I was few weeks ago and I am on a diet of foods with less greens due to colone stats.
I really miss much foods but I can’t complain. Its a chance in ones life time and I will step it by step.
Road is still long but with the support I am getting from you here I will win my fight I believe.
Doctors are happy and saying I should keep a high hopes and high spirit and that this is a great cure progress they were not expecting.
I sleep more starting of 2 days ago. But I am not supposed to focus on phone useage cause doctors think that this could cause me less progress… I don’t understand but I am following orders.
A trust brige is getting built between me and my doctors, I am not afraid of them any more as I was.
Cause ai used to hate and get scared of them before.
They will get me a harder progress map to follow next week and my activaties will be reduced.
They are papearing me and the other guys started this in same time to stage 3 of this experiment and they think this part will be harder, cause if it didn’t work well as they want then a medical assistance will be required with a tumor surgery remove will be the only way to keep subject (me) alive! But said if it works good percent it will be just a matter of te to get rid of this ugly tumor for good. It will be a 3 months stage!
Will see on next days what could be.
I asked doctors about tea or herbs that ypu were talking about but they refused me 5o be taking any thing not in my certian diet.
I am happy to see that you all are still thinking of me. Praying and sending great recovery wishes.
And more thinking of making a hero for me!
Happy so much that I am tearing up.
Thank you my friends.
Appreciate all your support.


I lost my TitanMafia login info and I can’t login there any more.
Hope @Razor could fix this when he get time.
He helped me much and I also know he has l8fe. I don’t wanna push him farthuer asking favors that cuts his personal time to spend on me. Its totally enough the work he is doing for me and for all of our community collecting data to make our game experince for every one bet greater.
Thanks fot asking about me dear JB … love ya man.


Really glad to hear from you, man.

It sounds like there is still a lot of hope, we are all cheering for you!

Based on what I have seen from the noble and selfless @Razor, I expect that he would be more than happy to put the stats aside to assist you!

Sending more love and prayers across the seas.

J the B


Jedon, extremely encouraged by the progress you are making. All thoughts and prayers going your way to keep it up. We need you back in RCT land!


Jedon, thanks for the update. It sounds heartening.


YO BROTHER! Sorry just seeing this, I will email you your new password! CHIN UP - KICK THIS SH@TS A#&! WE ARE ALL Pulling for ya (Pulling lol - get it)… RaZ


@Jedon glad to hear you’re staying positive. Listen to your doctors, they are there to help you. When they tell you to play less on your game, it’s because they know you need lots of rest to heal your body.

It may be helpful to let them know that for you (and for a lot of us), it’s more than just a game. It’s also a community that is offering you support, prayers and good wishes. Once they understand that, I’m sure they’ll encourage you to stay in touch!


Maybe you can get VIP on prescription :thinking:


Kiril and Boril walk into a tavern, dragging Kashrek by his ear. When they get to the bar they pick him up and plop him down on the counter. The bartender up at them…

Kiril: Here you go my good man.
Boril: Two large stouts please

Bartender (looking confused): What’s with the lizard?

Kiril: We heard this was a Kash only bar


lol…posted to the wrong thread, but I guess it works because I know Jedon like a good (or bad in this case) joke, and laughing helps the healing …


Whahahaa great one! Will need Khas from TC 20 to buy some beer and gem, and Khas will send to Jedon anytime he need it.:kissing_heart:


Thanks my man @Razor
I knew your gonna help me when you get time.
@nevarmaor Thanks for the remibder ofc RCT lol I need this stuff :smile:
@IvyTheTerrible Thanks my dear.
@General_Confusion bro this is a one poor KashonlyRek lol
Loved it :joy:
@JonahTheBard nothing vip in a free experiment but subjects. But even now we become a very high value that doctors care for any little matter get to 4 subjects in the house!


Hey @Jedon, thought I’d “drop by” to let you know that Im thinking of you…and not in a creepy/stalkish way :grimacing:

Hope you’re as well as can be :heart::kissing_heart:


Hey @Jedon, thought I’d “drop by” to let you know that I’m thinking of you…

in a super creepy/stalkish way :grimacing:

Hope you’re doing well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you guys, its always great to read your encoreging posts.
Makes me feel happy.

Personal update:
Got doctors approval to use more phone online!
They starting to see how happy I am using this apps and they finbally approved.
Sadlly I couldn’t invite any of them to get the vip :joy:
But I am happy for this improvment.
I am doing good in game tbh I should be posting this 2 days ago! But I am still a bet slow with drugs in my blood. I was checking new tournments and found some thing wierd (i will post on G.D after this post :nerd_face: ) that what made me rush to forums!
I am happy you still remember me guys, I still need your support especially the prayers and thoughts. Thank you all for being around.


Excellent, glad to hear you’re doing well, and enjoying some free time! :slight_smile:


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