Personal reasons

My Wilbur has a lot, where do I reset them onto @Jedon?

Withstanding Status Ailments sounds like a good upgrade right now for our friend.


What am dealing with needs +120 emblems … but I will take those 20 its a step to the 120+ thanks @Sorsha
Don’t rest yours onto me @zephyr1 you need Wilbur.
@littleKAF healing moves are slow, 20 emblems could make my Sad Lee +3 :laughing:


So good to have you back making us laugh again!

:grin: :+1:


At least he can give you Spirit Link and a Defense Buff. :slight_smile:


Take mine. You’ll need them more than any of my virtual monks…

You can also have two 3rd of my hair, since it’s about 25 inch long.

Hair will grow again, main thing is to get cured @ a minimum of pain. Farther best wishes to you…


I am moved.
Thanks buddy.
For the emblems, keep your hair, I will be blad monk as it should be lol.
Maybe if I was blad it wont happen to me lol. But I really appreciate your great feelings to me bro :smiley:


If not enough, I will reset my monk emblem from mongkey king for Jedon the real monk and King :wink:


@Jedon I’m so sorry I didn’t find this thread sooner! Perhaps it’s because I spend a lot of my forum time in the Ridiculous Complaint thread or the Bugs & Issue category. (Honestly, I think this topic would work well in either of those places as it’s ridiculous that a wonderful person like you would be going through this. This is also a bug/issue that needs fixed NOW! :grin: )

I’ve been missing your posts and wondering why I haven’t seen any. I’m so sorry to hear the reason. We need and miss your positivity around here. I pray that you’re back to us soon at full strength.

I thought of you the other day when I logged on to find the following. I remembered how excited you were when you got your first like from a Dev. It made me laugh out loud to think of that :rofl: I’ve been looking for a place to share this with you. I guess this is as good as any. Hope you get a smile from it :relaxed:


Hi everyone, I would like to thank you all who’ve donated to help our very own Blad Monk aka @Jedon. Because of you we’ve nearly reached our goal!!!

Also, if you haven’t already and would like to donate then please click on the following link:


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Jedon i sent it to her in Line if u wanna delete it here


I will need more @MrsBCW to mail me. I could use her help.


Have sent you an email


@Jedon @MrsBCW I’ll message you here too.


Thanks … I also deleted my not well with rules post.
Thanks for fast respond


Thanks brother … great help from you always. Was a agreat add to the community having you in MOD crew my respect brother.


Hey @Jedon :blush:

I know it’s been awhile, and I haven’t been too active on this forum for a bit, but I just came across this post and felt the need to comment. Man, I really hope you’re doing alright.

First off, I am so sorry for what you’re going through right now. For someone as sweet and kind as you, it honestly breaks my heart. I just hope that your positive attitude and great sense of humor helps power you through this difficult time. Imagine how much stronger you will be, once you make it through this, on the other side!

I believe in you, and believe you can handle this. If for some reason you’d like some more support, even though I see tons of people have already offered just that, just know that I am here for you bud. I’ve got Line, Facebook, email, etc. so if you ever just wanna talk, we can figure something out. (If you do have Facebook, my account link is up on my profile page here; send me a request and I’ll accept)

I’m sorry I’m so late with replying here though; I’ve been dealing with some complicated RL issues as well. I’m just happy reading that it seems like you’re handling everything so well, and still have that positive spirit. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, and please, keep updating us all on your condition! I have faith you’ll pull through this, but just for all of our own peace of mind, I’d love to hear it all from you first :sweat_smile:

Keep thinking positive thoughts and using this community to your advantage; all of us here only want the best for you. I don’t know a single person here that wouldn’t want to help in anyway that they can; we all care for you so much, and appreciate your presence here, more than can even be expressed. Just know that, and remember that, even when things seem darker or harder than usual. You will always have us :kissing_heart:

Good luck Jedon :blue_heart:

Know that I am here for you if you ever wanna take me up on that offer. Take care, and keep on fighting. You’ve got this; I know it. :heart:


Давай друг лечись и скорейшего тебе выздоровления


Translation via Google Translate:

“Come on friend get well and get you soon”


А как еще можно я только начал внекать в форум такчто если чтото нетак извени


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