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Great news, @Jedon! Keep on fighting, we’re all with you!


So happy to hear good updates, and you made me laugh with your sneaky sheet phone posting! :slight_smile:


Seriously, @Jedon! I’m so happy to hear this good news from you and @Bzzinator! You were on my mind all day yesterday! I really hope you get better! Be safe!

And to copy you,
I :heart: E&P and @Jedon


This is the best news! And through it all, you are still making us laugh with the phone sneak! :grin:

Rest and keep fighting and getting stronger!

You got this!



I wish you a full recovery and I pray for you to not need again further surgeries…
I think one is enough and even too much.


:laughing: I think @Petri is working with Doctors and nurses to keep me away from using phone by cancelling AW!
Ok!! I get it dude! :rofl:


Mate, you are such a legend.

There’s a guy I met on line
Jedon is his name
He never seems to lose his mind
Even when in pain

And when things start to get adverse
He hides his phone from the nurse
And laughs his way through every curse

And Jedon is his name

We wish you all the very best
Through every op and every test
You bring out the very best

And Jedon is your name


Thank you dear @JonahTheBard
This makes me smile … entering joy to my soul!
Calling me a legend is some thing so cheerful! (I am legend!)
Just hope that my room’s door wont be open by a zombie from that movie :laughing:
From Alexandria-Egypt I was your reporter from under the blanket.


You cracked me up with the sheet-phone hiding, made me relieved that the appendectomy was a success! Thank you for thinking of us in the midst of your ordeal, letting us know your progress. We can’t wait for you to be healed, well, and back with us (you know, more often) :grin:



Jedon, I only just saw this now. I wish you all the best luck through this and you will be foremost in my thoughts for a full and complete recovery. The world needs more of you and your incredible optimistic spirit here for many many years to come.



+5 bonus points to anyone who can name that old time gospel song.


Initially ignored this thread because I didn’t know what it was and I saw so many posts I thought, “I’ll never get through them all.”

Finally clicked, and I’m sorry for not clicking sooner!

Best of luck in your coming trials, Jedon!

And let me please add, very cool the way this community has come together for one of its members. Some really great people here! I mean, you know, for a bunch of nerdy gamers, and all.



The Gospel song is Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing!!! How appropriate!!! May the Fount of every Blessing fill you and heal you dear, dear Jedon!!! Thinking of you & praying for you all day every day!!! When you are weary, feel our prayers lifting you up even if the nurses give your phone a time out!!! :slight_smile: :heart: :sunflower: :angel: :fountain: :bouquet:


Wish all the best for you @Jedon. GWS!


It brought me such relief that you beat that “minion”…now back onto the Titan!

I would of replied earlier, however the day I read you made it through surgery, our youngest was in hospital with possible appendicitis! Thankfully she didn’t, although they have no idea what it was…however without going completely off-topic we are home.

Your message from under the sheets made me laugh out loud…literally! My youngest and other mums looked at me with ■■■ expressions which made me laugh even more.

I’m so pleased you still have your sense of humor and it’s truly incredible the amount of support you have here :heart:


Nearly 75% of the way. Just keeping this live in the thread:-


Keeping this nice and circular! Keeping up a friend's' spirits during tough times


@KLinMayhem Thanks I loved it my friend. Never had own song before! What a cheerful starting day :heart:
@Joyful818 Thank you so much, your kindness and your personal share means alot to me God bless you my dear.
@MrsBCW @GelatinousPilot I can’t thank you enough for this so much support and work to help me.
You guys are bless.
@Kayo you are never late my dear, after all you are here for me, thanks for care to read, care to post and care show your good heart. Thank you Kayo :heart:
And thank you all my friends. Your support and prayers are lefting me up and lightning my darkest times, I come here every time I feel pain or I here some painful screems from next rooms in experiment house a new guy joined the program and he has liver tumor, still in his detox.
His screams brings back the samest nights feelings to me, I come to read your posts and wishes then pain release and sad is gone. Your supporting my hope and I appreciate your love so much.

As an update:
I am now in the experiment house and resuming the turom treatment, doctors have gave me small radiation portion to test the effects first, and going well on their new cemical drug.
My hair is starting to leave me but this treatment will get in summer and its hot with hair there … I think I’d have better food if I lost my hair, cause they will reduce elictristy by turning off my aircondition. Hair makes one feel hot, monk doesn’t need to feel hot.
(Monk must be blad) I learned this wisdome the hardest way lol. Saying that if you were wondring my all monks are no hair :rofl:


So you will need this as a monk :rofl:


That’s not even enough for +1!!! Does anyone have more?


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