Personal notes in homebase 💡

Anyone else that keep on deciding on a strategy “what to-do next” and the next time you login - somehow you don’t remember your own plan??

(For me it’s probably 90% of the time this keeps on happening! + it has TOTALY taken over my iPhone-alarm-list/reminders that ofc is impossible to time with the impuls of starting the app :woman_facepalming: )

What if:
the creators made some form of notepad / scroll / parchment (maby with a goose pencil :smirk: ) placed on the side of the screen in homebase - where we can take/keep/bookmark personal notes (or for that matter, write beautiful poetry or whatever comes to mind)

I need this. My poor tennis-ball-memory needs this!

But what about you?
What are your thoughts on the idea??
Is this something that you think you would make use of??

Ps: this is my first time posting - so plz be nice if this suggestion seems stupid to you :face_with_peeking_eye:


Anyone know anyone in this space that’s involved with the creators that I could tag? :label:

If by “What to do next” you mean which heroes to level then there is an easy way (Easy for me at any rate) to remember this. What I do is place the heroes I want to level into one of my teams. So, for me, Team 1 is made up of the 5* heroes I want to level, 1 in each element. Team 2 is made up of 4* heroes I want to level, again, 1 in each element. Team 3 is made up of 3* heroes I want to level, you guessed it, one in each element. When I go into my hero roster I prioritise teams. This way, the 15 heroes I want to level are the first set of heroes I see. This helps me remeber who and what I’m doing.

Hope tha helps

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Ooo…! Nice! I like that! :smiley:
Thank you for taking the time! I will most definitely use that strategy :raised_hands:

But even if your suggestion will help - the issue that I referring to “with me forgetting” has more to do with building homebase and moving forward with the maps/game.

Let me clarify :point_up: :nerd_face:

The “what to do next” turning into “oh no… :woman_facepalming: “ is most of the time followed up with me having to wait up to 3days before being able to do what I planned in the first place.

It has more to do with homebase and specifically with building and choosing what to focus on next. But Also where to “invest” my flags, what adventure to focus on first/next, or today, this/next week.

It’s as if the part of my brain that’s supposed to take notes and keep my todo’s - simply isn’t functional and I thought that MABY I’m not the only one with this cognitive problem…

Anyhow! Once again Thank you for replying me with your strategy :blush:

Have a great day :wave: :sunflower:

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You are most welcome. :smiling_face:

As for my base, I personally focused on getting my Training camps and forges to the level I wanted them first. Next was storage. After that was my farms and mines. I do each building until it is at maximum level and then move on to the next. I organised my base from left to right. Everything on the left is done first. Everything on the right requires attention until everything is done. This way I only need to remeber to start from the left. I know someone who does the same but from top to bottom.

As for map stages. I went through each season until province 15 (Minimum requirement to open the next season). Once they were all open I focused on completing them in order unless that season summon is on. So most of my focus is on Season 1. When Atlantis rises is on I switch focus to season 2. Then when Valhalla Forever is on I switched focus to Season 3, and so on and so forth.

I would advise finding a methodical way to do things when you log in. For instance, Always check out your base first, then go to Quests, then titan, then raids, then normal map stages, then your roster. Do those in any order you prefer everytime you log in even if you just check them all and log out afterwards.
If you do the same routine every time that you log in it will soon become second nature and anything else will feel “wrong”. This should help to keep you focused. It helps me with real life so will hopefully translate to the game for you as well.

Hope that helps

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Maybe use Notes app on your phone (Apple), or whatever the equivalent is on Android (Google Keep?)


I like this idea for people that can actually write :slight_smile:

no probably not, because I have an excel spreadsheet with far more info than I could ever put into a little ingame notpad function.

One tool that can help you with leveling heroes and building teams:

Building the homebase: Just focus on the Training Camps and get them to lvl 11 ASAP, once that is done the rest is not too big a deal anymore, you can build stuff in more or less any order as you will eventually build and max all the buildings anyway. But if you feel like one building or another is of special interest to you, go for that one.
If you buy a VIP pass for the second builder you may want to plan your buildings a bit better so you can make sure you always have enough resources to keep both builders busy 24/7. I don´t see a good way to do this in the game though.

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