Perseus worth the hassle?


I have question regarding Perseus, about as classic as it gets - is he worth the scopes? Now I know that he is not liked and I understand why and kinda agree but I am kinda low on blue and not exactly a fan of ‘waiting until something good drops’, even his utility as a heal stopper in my case is kinda debatable. I would use him maybe for wars, notably those with Field Aid. So here’s what I have fully ascended ( © for costume):

:blue_square: Blue 5*: Magni, Miki, Vela
:blue_square: Blue 4*: Sonya ©, Kiril ©, Mireweave, Triton, Jott

:red_square: Red 5*: Elena, Natalya, Queen of Hearts, Guardian Kong
:red_square: Red 4*: Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk ©, Wilbur, Sumle

:green_square: Green 5*: Gregorion, Kadilen, Heimdall, Lianna
:green_square: Green 4*: Hansel, Gadeirus, Melendor ©, Caedmon ©, Kashhrek ©, Brynhild, Almur

:yellow_square: Yellow 5*: Ranvir, Vivica ©, Sif, Norns, Roc
:yellow_square: Yellow 4*: Guardian Jackal, Gretel, Mist, Gullinbursti

:purple_square: Purple 5*: Sartana, Victor, Marie-Thérèse, Clarissa, Kageburado
:purple_square: Purple 4*: Rigard, Cheshire Cat, Proteus x 2, Merlin, Sabina, Fura, Tiburtus ©

Other 5* blue options for me are Isarnia, Richard or Magni #2 (no costume for any). Especially Victor makes Perseus kinda redundant. But I like his design and special’s animation, so that’s nice I guess. Now if only that special would hurt like it looks?

So, worth upgrading in my case or should I keep my telescopes for now?

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I personally believe Magni #2 is superior to Perseus in many ways, even if you do not have his costume. Perseus’ main issue is that he is very bad at what he does, which is being a sniper. His damage output is the worst amongst blue snipers. He is a utility sniper but the benefits are not that significant compared to other utility snipers like Malosi.


How many scopes do you have? I assume you’re using cKiril on your titan team but Isarnia would be an upgrade compared to him as her attack stat and def down are both better.

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Thanks. I use cKiril, mostly because Isarnia at 3/70 dies so easily. Have only 6 telescopes however, so probably I’ll wait. I don’t like maxing duplicates so probably no second Magni for now. Also, iirc next rare quest should have tabard and I miss one to ascend Ursena, so I’ll have something to do for time being.

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Perseus at 5* 3.70 works fine for field aid.

Given your roster, Perseus 5* 4.80 will not add much to your game play.

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Isarnia is slow and glassy.

OP already has better options for blue 5* 4.80
and 4*+18 ( looking at you Miki and Kiril ).

Double checking current 5* blue.

Actually COSTUME Isarnia would be a beast for normal/ matching/ tile damage in a blue stack with Miki.

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([Curiosity] What level Isarnia equal to Grimm's 4* 4.70 base stats ? Update Vivica & Rigard)

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Hello guys,

so I waited a bit and just right, as luck would have it, with last bought coins I pulled Skadi. Is she worth it? I heard good things about her so I think yes.

She looks good to me… No luck so I can’t tell you from experience.

Either way, Isarnia and Magni#2 would be well ahead of Perseus still.

I’d do skadi purely because she’s different and I enjoy heroes like that.

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Thanks. Yeah, same, I enjoy mechanically unusual classes as well. That is why I ascended Norns before Joon, for example.

I will do her, not like I have much else to do besides 3rd Proteus, I finished Ursena recently and still have one TC loaded with 600 feeders or so …

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