Perseus vs. Thorne (life delemmas)

So, my alt team is incredibly thin on snipers. I have an opportunity to advance Perseus or Thorne. Needless to say, I will still be thin after I make this decision. What say you?

who ya got?
How much do you spend?
In a vacuum, and this may sound suspect but I’d go Thorne. Perseus is just super weak imo, not that Thorne is a helluva lot better.
If you spend even a little I’d wait til end of month see if Glenda pops.
if f2p/c2p I’d prob go Thorne. esp if you’ve got a kiril and grimm to run with him.


This is helpful. The primary account is a powerhouse so I am spoiled. Playing the alt account is great practice and a reminder of where I use to be. Ironically, not a lot of 5* hero duplication…so it is keeping the game fun

And if Thorne was fast and not average, nobody would question that suggestion;)

I second this suggestion. Perseus is one of the weakest heroes outside of field aid. Thorne’s overall damage output is good especially when combined with a buffer and debuffer

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