Perseus v King Arthur

So we have December’s HotM Perseus, and now King Arthur. Both single target Ice hitters with buffs. Which do you favor, in what situations?

Arthur hands down.
I have Perseus but i can’t see a place for him whatever i’m doing.

Worst HotM so far.

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As a newer player, I’d say Arthur. Perseus is by far the easiest HotM to beat in raids. Arthur’s ST and buffs take him above Perseus IMO.

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I have Perseus at level 71 and like him. He’s pretty well balanced for all things. Good stats all around, and his special in raids is fantastic if you have a hard to kill guy surrounded by healers. The one I haven’t really found a use for is Thoth. I played Arthur in beta, I think I like Perseus a bit better. Arthur’s special hits hard but the animation slows down tile selection (you can’t see half of them) that I found it annoying on titans. And it’s slow (like Perseus).

He’s better than Thoth, that HOTM needs a redesign to fix that darned animation or get rid of the minion attack and give them more health.

Or something.

That said Arthur > Perseus, basically for everything for all that I lucked into a Perseus on the alt and actually at 3/70 he made the default raid team. Isn’t bad, just isn’t awesome.

I don’t know, i raided sometimes a full ascended central thoth and at least give me some trouble.

So far Perseus never give me problems. (I mean it, never)

Yeah but Perseus is not a defensive hero, whereas that’s all Thoth is.

I don’t think that’s a fair comparison of the heroes; personally defense is the last thing I worry about as at least of today I have yet to level a hero specifically for defense.

I like Thoth and his minions’ ability to hit any foe every turn. Great end-game raider.

But back to the topic, it seems to me that Arthur is more generally useful because his ice defense debuff is more valuable than Perseus’s nature defense buff. Arthur weakens any target; Perseus only shields against direct nature damage (but not Morgan or Locke).

No, ok, i’m not a Thoth fan either. It’s more like that at least he can have a role/job in the team as a tank.

Perseus can do everything and can’t do anything at the same time. But in the end… I find always someone better then him to use.

Back in topic - Arthur not only is good for his defence stacking skill, but even in raids can do some good stuff.

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I have Persious and use him for raid offence he is good for sniping but i think king arthor would make a better raider for offence and defence you can stick him in the middle and with his high defence and descent health and his 4 turn skill defence against special skills he would be very hard to kill
Plus he hits way harder then persious!

Wish I had him!

You won your heroes with lucky coin draws ??

Ciao so che non c entra con la discussione ma volevo chiedere le skill di Morgana sono state modificate perché a livello 8 di abilità prosciuga a 668 di vita io ho livello 8 ma dice che prosciuga 551 di energia

Il danno cresce ascendendo l’eroe. Anche se hai l’abilità speciale al massimo se il tuo eroe non è all’ultima ascensione il suo danno risulta inferiore.

*Special skill damage explanation

I’m trying to decide between the two now. The reviews suggest Arthur is better, but Perseus is so useful in raids. If I can swallow my pride (I’ve been so close to hitting 2700 cups with Perseus at 3/70) I guess I will ascend Arthur for the Titan team


And if you have any doubts, Arthur.

This is not even close.


Ascended Arthur. 2 weeks in and zero regret. His ability to decrease attack from a multi hit attack (zeline, isarnia, azlar etc) is very effective on offense and defense.


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