Perseus third tier level 68?


So I saw Perseus in a possible raid battle today. First time I saw him come up however on the third tier and a level 68??? Is that even mathematically possible in less than 6 days? I have had Alberich for two months and he isn’t that high and I play every day. Am I missing something? Or is it actually just some hedge funded wasting time that pumps thousands of dollars into gems a day? I come up against fights daily where all 4s are level 70s and I shrug and say well I guess they have been playing for years even though they are a level 24. I have 1 4 at 70 and that took a while as well. Thoughts or strategies on this one because I think I am doing something wrong if it’s really that easy.


yeah its possible if he saved a lot of trainers especially that there is 4 in the winter quest right now

he could have had more

also ez to train


That’s true didn’t think about the Christmas quest giving it a boost but still. High level realized he had attacked me and that’s where I saw it still seems incredible to em to be able to do that that fast.


hes pretty high level and probably has a lot of backpacks/trainers saved up


5* heroes need over 150,000 EXP to get to that level. So the feat is quite impressive indeed.


Who knows how many geros he had saved up in training camp or how many he made at 2 minutes each


If you have no heroes to upgrade, you can just keep all your fodder in your training camps (as long as you keep trainings cued up that is) and collect them when you need them. I am not there yet (still working on a few heroes), but now that I have multiple maxed 4s and only 1 5, I can imagine doing that until another 5* walks out of my training camp. Only spent 25 euro’s total, so it is just the amount of time I have been playing.


I remembered Zero has a lv 70 Guardian Panther in previous Teltoc event :rofl:


Once you get to the top (i.e. nothing much else to do) you just let your training camps crank out feeder material and you JUST DON’T COLLECT IT - until you get your shiny new toy, and you start pumping them full of what’s sitting there. You don’t HAVE to collect the trained people when they are done and can build an inventory. I know Arien mentioned doing this.

Most aren’t there yet…certainly not this guy, lol.


It’s not really that uncommon; I’ve seen people push 80 even in a day or two.

I’m not at the point where I can just queue (have another 2-3 heroes I should max) but short of deciding to roll for Perseus I’m not expecting to start anything else… so by this time next month I should be able to start the queueing to infinity on TC 11.


That’s a good point didn’t think of leaving hero’s in training camps. Although not quite to that point yet.