Perseus Stats


Does anyone know what the max stats of Perseus is on his 3rd tier?


Almost there. I replied here to mark the post and I’ll post his stats when he’s maxed if someone else does not beat me to it.


3rd Tier as opposed to Max?


Yes the max stats for the 3rd tier, just before you ascend to 4th tier.


Ah okay. Waiting on @Otto0000


Ok, I’ll focus on getting him maxed. I have two of him and both are third tier. One is lvl 63 currently and the other is lvl 41.


I should have this for you today or tomorrow. He is on level 69 now. Just need more feeders.


Why are you leveling these two in parallel instead of in sequence?



Hope thats what your looking for. And yes I had the telescopes :smile:


Yes thank you! That helps me to decide whether to max acend Sonya or go 3rd tier with Perseus.


Thank you! This is very helpful info for me too.


Just curious What is Sonya at 70?
Which are you going to prefer?


Hey Jerme82,

I have Sonya at 70, and It looks like Perseus will hit just a little harder than her when he’s at 70. Not by a ton, but by an appreciable amount.

Her stats are:

Attack 607
Defense 731
Health 1011

Now, the specials do very different things, so there’s really no comparison there


While I agree you can’t do a head-to-head comparison of specials, you can think of use cases. I really like the debuff from Sonya/Caedmon. More and more heroes use status buffs, and being able to strip those really changes the tide of battle. Perseus stops Ares from healing, but he still gets the crit&attack bonus, and his neighbors get everything, Fire Sonya and Ares special vanishes, ditto for Alberich etc.

Of course you might have debuff from another hero, e.g. Melendor or Sabina. If you don’t, though, my counsel is to keep Sonya or Caedmon in your line until Perseus is solidly into his fourth ascension, when his stats clearly outclass hers.


Totally agree! I’ll probably use Perseus in conjunction with Sonya on certain occasions (ie, possibly red titans, etc), but that debuff from Sonya is so incredibly valuable! I can’t imagine being without it.


Thanks for the info they are both solid cards.