Perseus special

Can anyone tell me what -100% healing means and how his special works? I know how the nature buff works

And anyone who has him…is he worth the ascension items?

Pretty straight forward

The person you cast it on will not gain any health from healers

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I’m quite happy with Perseus. He’s the first 5* I ever received, and I’m still working to get him maxed. He’s fast and strong. As for his special, I find that one especially useful in raids. A hero that gets hit by his special, can’t heal anymore. So it’s important to target your opponent’s healer first with Perseus’ special, then the healer can’t heal himself anymore, and you can take the healer down to prevent any further healing of other heroes your opponent has in his/her team.


If he was a “regular” hero, then i said he is a “normal” 5*.
Not the best, not the worst, not a tanker, not a killer, not a great secondary skill.
He is fast mana and has two skills, ok.

But because he is a HotM, i say that he is probably the worst HotM so far.
I like even Thoth more.

I have him, and i don’t even know if ascend him in tier 3 for alliance wars. Bof, maybe.

But i have Athena and i hoping for Magni, so you can go for him if you feel like it.


You might look here:

Or here:

Aaaand here:

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I love Perseus on raids and in AW beta. Locking down a healer who can’t heal themselves or a sniper/DOT killer is a HUGE benefit.


I have Perseus as well, but my strategy is usually to target strikers before healers, with the sole exception of Alberich… Hate that one. I have found that if you hit the strikers first, the healers end up helpless to do enough damage to be a concern. ( This really only works if you have enough damage dealers)
I often see defense teams that go something like
musashi/grimm, Melendore, Kiril, Boldtusk, Azlar/thoth etc… Basically 2 heavys and 3 healers … I love taking apart teams like this with Perseus


I agree, and I don’t even have Perseus. I like 3-healer teams.

Is Perseus worth the ascension items? Yes, but it depends on what other heroes you have. Here’s how I would order priority (heroes on the same line are equal priority)

(Magni | King Arthur**)
(Isarnia | Perseus)

Not sure I would use mats on the other blues.

**Event hero


I have Grimm and Kiril fully ascended and Sonya at level 1
I haven’t ascended her as I have Caedmon, with no better green yet.

Just wasn’t sure whether to take him past level 2 or wait for Magni

I have Perseus and the beauty of his special is that it can’t be dispelled, making Rigard and Vivica useless. His damage output is good, and with buffs from troops, Boldtusk and/or Wu Kong he’s even better, especially with his natural speed.

There may be better 5* blue heroes available, but if Perseus is the only one you have it doesn’t matter. Strategy for who to target in which order is determined by the other members on your squad and who you’re facing.

Tough call, which depends a lot on how frequently you do Epic summons and how patient you are if you’re going to try the TC20 route. There’s only a 0.3% chance of getting Magni (or any particular 5*) from TC 20 (1 in 320). Each ice elemental summons has about a 1% chance of pulling Magni.

Are you feeling lucky?

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I started ascending Perseus, mostly due to nostalgia since he was my first 5*, but honestly I don’t think he’s worth the buck. At least it wasn’t for me…Not if you have better options. I got Grimm fully ascended and pulled Magni about 3 weeks after Perseus. So guess what Magni had for dinner ? :rofl:

Perseus is not the best blue, or the best HOTM. But when you need his special, he’s the only one who can do what he does.

I was on the fence about him until the first time I did the Advanced tier of the Guardians challenge. At that point, a 2/60 Perseus was critical in beating Guardian Owl, who can self-heal like crazy. He then was quite useful against Guenevier in the advanced tier of the Knights challenge.

If you have Athena or Magni or Arthur, ascend them first. But he is a better all-around 5* blue than any of the others.

@wormwood - you fed a 5* HOTM to a 5*?!?!?!

It sounds so horrible when you put it that way… :slight_smile: I have many other heroes that I find much more valuable than Perseus and I’m not a big fan of hording heroes I MIGHT get to one day. Ah, blame it on my ACD…Only time will tell…

It doesn’t make rigard or vivica completely useless, they still heal their team, just not themselves

Yes. Or the person you target can’t heal. So if that’s the center hero and then you hit them with something else Vivica/Rigard can’t heal them. Then you start picking off guys one at a time.

Perseus was made to counter Ares, just as Natalya was made to counter Alberich.

FWIW, I firmly believe in hoarding heroes. Space is cheap, at 10gems a slot, and you never know when a previously unremarkable hero will become remarkable. I fed a duplicate Thoth to Thoth, but getting rid of the only instance you have a 4* or 5* hero? Not my style.


I agree. I would never feed a monthly hero to anything but a duplicate of itself. Shortly after I pulled Perseus I pulled Isarnia, but I wouldn’t sacrifice him because to me he was more valuable.

Sometimes you can compensate for heroes weaknesses. I have Horghall and put him off for a while because he was slow. Once I got the 4* mana boost troop he became a lot better.

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