Perseus special on wu kong buff

Perseus special has a bug when paired with wu kongs special. He hits at around 10% on average, far under the 67% he is suppose to. Could you please review?

Can you please post a screenshot of your current perseus card? (I.e., are you using a maxed card?)

Inam investigating another possible bug on perseus’ special butbin regards to bis defense buff. Desperately need beta to open to really test it though

I want to make sure that I understand the issue: your experience is that Wu’s special causes a 90% miss rate instead of the stated 32%. Yes?

What is your sample size?

About 100 or more. Ive successfully hit 11 times. Tallied. Trying to figure out how to post the cards.

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Why would a maxed card change anything?

For accurate percentages

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So you have both cards at 8/8, good. You mentioned tallying the error. Can you post your sample?

He mentioned a little more than 100 tries with only 11 successful hits. Fairly big disparity. Of course everyone here will want exact numbers and him to continue tracking.

Sorry I don’t have Pers to help confirm this. :frowning:

Also, is this happening on raids, Titans, or world map? All of the above?

All of the above. Obviously much more noticeable now that i am raiding big hitters and a miss destroys me. Its why i didnt start tallying before.

As always, if you think you are experiencing a glitch, you can report it to Game Support:

Naturally you can continue to troubleshoot here while waiting for a reply. :slight_smile: