good morning. Between Perseus and Ricardo believe that any of the 2 are worth the telescopes? I am a F2p player with a lot of luck with the hotm, apart from Perseus I also have Delilah 4/80 and Natalya 4/80. Without 5 * dark and still nature. Ricardo has many criticisms however, if it is true that he lacks damage of chips but if special with the descent of attack I see it very useful, perhaps more than the open wound of Perseus that only affects a hero. I have 2 tc20 working but with very bad fortune so wait for Magni or Isarnia to know how much time can pass …

I think Richard is worth the scopes and is better than Perseus. Clearly you’d rather have Magni, Isarnia, Alasie, or Arthur, but 5*s are rare enough that I’d just ascend what you have instead of waiting for something better.

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thank you very much! Can someone else say something?

I have Richard, he was my first 5* blue and probably would have taken him to at least 70. But drew Isarnia shortly after.

I still think Richard is useful but after 70 it depends on Mats and what else you have (you may pull something else along the way).

With AW all heros become useful in some form. But with 5*'s the mats are at a premium even if you aren’t F2P.

I would take them both to 60 if not 70 at least. Depending on other draws that may be of more use.