Perseus or Magni?

I think more people will say Magni because of damage and defence bonus but…
I see Perseus has good damage also and good health decrease for enemy’s 4 turns! Also good bonus against nature.
That’s why I don’t know who to lvl first.

It’s really dependent on the rest of your roster. What other ice heroes do you have and which are maxed? What other 5* heroes do you have? If this is your 1st or 2nd 5* blue hero, I would probably go Magni. He can be great offensively and defensively, whereas Perseus is more of an offense hero and I wouldn’t use him on defense team.


Perseus is one of the worst HotM :sweat_smile:
And what if you were lucky enough to get a Magni costume? Lifelong Perseus gets on the bench.

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Hey now…I pulled him and Ranvir from TOL :rofl: I won right?!

I’ve debated on bumping up Pers, but I got lucky and got Mag’s costume and will eventually start on that when I’m done with White Rabbit

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I would do Magni over Perseus without a doubt.

Perseus main issue is that he hits for too little damage for a sniper. On top of that his deep wound is fairly niche, can be helpful in field aid wars and against some heroes but generally those aren’t issues that require a specific counter that badly.

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Just because I like being contrary/ playing the devils advocate I might as well argue the case for poor Perseus.

3 words. Healing aid wars.

Depending on how the rest of your roster is and how much of a pain you find them perseus can be great for that one in the corner (looking at you seshat and +20 rigard) that will never die or in the case of Poseidon keeps coming back and getting healed. I use my Gafar for it, but Perseus would be a good option to have also.

You may need Magni more now, but both of the demigods have their place eventually even if the Greek warrior is very situational…

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Perseus needs a buff big time. Hit 3 same skills would then make him a good hero.

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I got Gretel and Proteus maxed on that team.Together they can make mana problems to enemy right or I am wrong?

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