Perseus or Delilah Raid defence help?

I was wondering which team would make a better defence team?
In getting Marjana up as soon as i get one more tomb of tactics then I need to decide on Perseus or Delilah? They both have most materials needed ill just need more tomb of tactics…

I think I like (aka hate) the Delila one more, but I would swap Mariana and her. The minions don’t do a lot of damage, but over time they will. So, I want her to fire as fast as possible and let the minions do their thing. Mariana will fire her special off no matter where she is, but I want Delila to fire earlier. Closer to Albe I think she will pick up more gems/mana.

Unrelated to your question. I would kill for a Tome of Tactics…


I totally agree with you. I was just trying something due to survivability untill I get my Marjana up to 80. This is what im thinking all lv 80 setup with Delilah.


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Both Perseus and Delilah really show their full potential in war.

Perseus Eternal Wound prevents war defense team healers from getting the most out of persistent health and revenge bar.

Delilah’s minions help versus the revenge bar since she can heal wounded heroes, while unharmed heroes on her team still get a HP boost from minions. Minions also help protect against the revenge bar.

For raid defense persistent health doesn’t exist, though Perseus still helps against teams with healers since Eternal wound cannot be dispelled for 4 turns.

Personally I would go
Alberich- if the attacker triggers a big combo, and your defense team fully charges, it will trigger left to right. So you want him reviving heroes first. It is also hard to get healers out of corners on raid or war defense teams.

Perseus- take half damage from red so partially shields Alberich who takes double damage from red. Eternal wound will help against attackers with healers while defense against green will make a little tankier.

Joon- while Marjana would help partially shield Perseus from green, Joon blinds enemies for -40% accuracy for 6 turns which is just insane for a blindness debuff.

Thoth-Amon- help partially shield Delilah. Not ideal placement since Thoth-Amon is tankier than Joon, but I would be leery of putting two yellows side by side.

Delilah- healers are very difficult to get out of corners on raid and war defense teams. Delilah works well in the right corner because if Delilah and Alberich charge from a massive combo, you want Alberich in the left corner to revive dead heroes then Delilah in the right corner to heal them and give them meat shields, er, minions.


I really don’t know. My defense skills are not very good. That being said. I like the one with Thoth in the center. I would love to see if a lead color followed by two counter colors works. I tried it with my hero pool and it stunk. But I feel it is a limit if my heroes and not a bad idea.

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This is what Id put on my defense (having your heroes)

Ress chance, direct heal, heal over time, many meat shields, strong/weak color combination, one AoE striker and two heavy hitters.

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Thanks for the great advice. Well thought out!
I do like the idea of perseus between alb Y and the cemtre to semi protect both.
I will get my Marjana up soon and see how the layouts work. I think both
Are more offensive raid specialists especially Perseus I use him all the time paired with lv 70 kiril to take out Aries tanks.

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