Permission issues


Can I ask if anyone else is being asked by Google play games for permissions every time they load their game up. I’m being asked everytime to give permission for Google play to have access to the games public profile. Why is this when I never had to before.

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Help please

I have got the same problem since I’ve updated the game earlier today. Every time I log in I have to confirm twice (!) that I allow Googleplay to communicate with the game. It’s really annoying.


Yes and me. I don’t know why you have to do it twice like me. Surely you should give permission once and that should be it.


It asks me twice each time I log in very annoying. Please fix. Thank youj


“It asks me twice each time I log in very annoying“

…same here :frowning:


Same here, since the last update I have to confim twice that I allow Google Play to communicate with the game. I have to do this at every login again, very annoying.


I thought I was going mad. Mine keeps popping up as well. Not game breaking, but ■■■■ if it isn’t annoying. Hope the devs know about it.


Same problem in belgium


Hi, sorry to hear about the issue! Please try clearing your Empires app cache and data, this should help to resolve this issue.

Latest Update 1/2018

Add me to the list.

1.9.5 Build 501

Google Pixel 2 XL

Edit: Petri solution seems to have corrected the issue for me. Force stopped game and cleared Data/Cache. Relaunching game I am asked twice again for permissions, but subsequent launches after seems to be ok thus far. Thanks


If I delete the data then I delete all accounts and data. I’ve lost my game once I don’t want to lose it again. I’ve cleared the cache and force stop the app but that hasn’t sorted out the problem.


Your progress won’t be lost as long as you have connected your game to Google Play. Here’s how:

You can check your connections status from the in-game Settings (you should see a green checkmark).


Thanks a lot, everything seems to be fine now. :slight_smile:


Hallo, ich werde nach Aktualisierung jetzt auch 2 mal gefragt . Außerdem kann ich nicht mehr sehen wann meine Allianzmitglieder online waren und sehe auch keine Spielerinfos mehr. Da steht jetzt nicht unterstützte Spielerversion. Voll ätzend


ist bei mir auch so und sehe nun keine Spielerinfos mehr. Hab schon alles versucht. Brauche eure Hilfe


@Hexe, Petri hat das Problem schon gelöst. Du musst lediglich den Cache von der App leeren, dann läuft es wieder. Die Teams der anderen kannst du nicht sehen, wenn sie noch nicht das Update haben; sobald sie es haben, siehst du wieder alles.

Und ansonsten: Forensprache ist eigentlich Englisch. Für Deutsch und andere Sprachen gibt es einen “Foreign languages”-Bereich; und vor allem innerhalb von Threads ist es ungünstig, wenn plötzlich in anderen Sprachen geschrieben wird. Das ergäbe auf Dauer das blanke Chaos.


@Petri, for me it seems that the solution helps only for a short time. The issue appeared again this morning and it is as annoying to confirm it twice every time you log in as to clear the cache several times per day. Hope that there will be found a real solution soon (yes, it’s weekend and you don’t need to find it today :wink: )


How do I force stop the app and clear the cache like every one else is? This issue is really annoying…


Go to opition main screen (gear app),

go to general,go to app management,

and find the app you want to force stop.

This is for samsung tab. (android) but I think it is similar.
Anyway I hope it help to get closer to a solution.


Go to your settings, application or application manager. Scroll down to Empires and puzzles and click on it. You will see the force stop button on the right. Clear data and cache is below.