Perks for using Atlantis Heroes in Special Stages, e.g. Breathing Underwater, or Immunity to Poison and Mist

Finished Season 2 on both normal and hard (270/270). Not having many high leveled Atlantis heroes grabbed from the Summons ensured that I am mostly sticking with clearing these levels with Classic Heroes.

One of the highlights from the S2 stages are each of the provinces featured special stages (Poison/Magic Night/Misty Forest/Underwater), as I progressed through the latter provinces that had the Underwater stages, I had wondered, would certain S2 heroes fare much better in these stages? Having only Mnesseus and Melia for the Atlantis family on my roster I dared not try and especially not on the higher provinces, one day I just decided to wing it (I am still working on the underwater stages mission) and just put both of them in one of the earlier, less scary underwater stages on normal and tried.

When I see the Mermaid and Merman of Atlantis taking damage from Low Oxygen and gasping for Air… I’ve seen all I needed to see. Why the heck are Mer people who predominantly live underwater take damage from low oxygen??? By this account, Ariel and Poseidon, Gods and Demi-Gods, also would take water damage in these stages.

I don’t think it will be very game breaking to have Heroes from the Atlantis family, if they are on your team, to not take HP damage while in Underwater stages. Similarly, have the heroes from the Lagoon Family not take damage from Poison stages (perhaps they have natural defense from prolonged exposure to the toxic swamps) or the Sakura Family members all having special lanterns/amulets that allows them to see through the mist so the Misty Forest stages do not affect them.

Since these special stages are not featured in P2P situations (War/Raid/Raid Tournaments) and only during story campaign, the enemies are not subject to the same handicap, and again, not everyone has or uses S2 heroes, I think it is a pretty good perk that the season 2 heroes do enjoy a certain perk while in certain stages. Again, the Atlantean heroes taking lung damage from underwater just makes no sense to me.

@zephyr1, @Kerridoc, or @Garanwyn. I don’t think this is really an idea that is ridiculous complaint or gripe in nature. But if this has been suggested before, please feel free to merge.

It looks very reasonable as a feature request to me, and as far as I can find, it’s unique. Thanks for suggesting something fun and interesting that would make the game more enjoyable for you!


To be honest, I was surprised when it wasn’t already this way… I have definitely voted for this!


The not ridiculous version of this idea:

The ridiculous version of this idea:

I haven’t seen these mentioned before, though it may have come up in conversation.

I remembered seeing the other idea thread above, which yours essentially adds onto.

That other thread never got traction, so since it’s a subset idea of this one, I’m going to reverse merge it into here.

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With the latest opening of atlantis levels, we got new special levels that are set up under water.

I was just wondering if it wouldn’t be a nice feature if the heroes of the Atlantis family could breath under water?
Essentially making them immune to the special effect.

  • Their cards are showing them under water
  • They are from Atlantis
  • Why can’t they breath under water?

Or so they maybe already can and I just didn’t realize because I haven’t leveled any of them far enough yet.

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Yeah but picture this… Mother North underwater swim/fighting/feeding you super porridge!!!


I get the reference. :wink:


And one wonders why the heroes take damage while chowing down on MN porridge or drinking Kirl’s ale while there, it’s like trying to eat/drink underwater!

This is a great idea!

Would this apply to all Atlantis heroes, or just the aquatic craniates (fish)? No offense to Namahage, but I believe he would float to the surface in his straw life preserver.


Love the idea. I think it should just generally apply to all S2 heroes, no need to debate about which can breathe underwater. Wilbur looks like he can hold his breath for a while anyway :muscle::dash::surfing_man:

It’s a good idea…but was discussed in the RCT with a slightly less sensible slant.

It’s similar to a Field Power Bonus in Yu-Gi-Oh and many other card and battle games.

One could extend it further with bonuses for undead characters in Morgovia etc.

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The OP suggested an additional Family bonus:

  • Atlantis family: immunity to low oxygen in Underwater levels
  • Lagoon family: immunity to poison mist
  • Sakura family: immunity to chance-to-miss effect in misty levels

Namahaga, as a Sakura member, would get the last benefit, but still struggle under water.


@Kerridoc @Garanwyn did this ever get put into effect?

No. Ranvir’s immunity to poison was to extended to poison mist, but that’s all.

That sucks. Would have been a very sensible feature to have.

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