@perilin, where did you land

@Perilin, Your absence is missed , what alliance did you land in & how are you finding it…
Im curious


The @ in the title won’t ping him.

You need to @Perilin in the main body text


Hi Drenai,

I have been adopted by “A Few Good Heroes” who have more strict rules on participation i.e., titans and flag usage in wars.

I didn’t want to make drama about it so I kept my goodbye short and evasive. I understand sudden departures might cause unrest anyway, and I’m sorry about that because I like you guys a lot.

BUT I’m a creature of habit, and I’m more comfortable in an environment with a defined rule set. this stems way back to my days of Utopia (and mIRC). That’s all! Sounds like a “it’s not you, it’s me” situation. :hugs:

As for how I am finding it, they are a really nice group and the titans and war so far has been an exciting learning exercise.


good to hear & good luck to ya :slight_smile: , always an open door :slight_smile:


Geez, I remember mIRC, Utopia, and Earth 2025 from eons ago…

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I remember those days as well. Wow… I was just a young teen

Cudos to @Perilin and @drenai for this topic . Seems the way old members in alliances should converse when they path ways . Polite and well mannered. I like it .


I cant recal the last time i use Mirc or even ICQ ! , started wayback online with a UK company called LINEONE
any old L1’ers out there ?

@drenai never used the lineone but used ICQ in my teen years lol indeed that’s a throwback over 15- 20 years :thinking:

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I think it’s great that the OP and responder were able to connect on here. We’ve often wished there was a way to contact previous players to see how they’re doing.

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