Perhaps a war bug?

As soon as the warning of war came y, I checked adversary and my defense team. About 4 minutes later there was no adversary, just that war was coming soon. It stayed like that until I closed the game and reopened it. And my defense team was in a different slot.

I did not understand your problem…

I don’t known for effect of Wu Kong to missing when attack 2 or 3 in importance in battle to make the lost battle. If the effect was not shown, I had win the battle for 100%.

After preparation for war started, and I checked my defense team, the tab had no more the countdown and the adversary team. Aftr I restarted the game it came back, but oddly, my defense team was in another position in the war field.
It can be a bug, and if happens during the wars itself it might bring complications

I’m not sure why your opponent vanished for a while, but I can say that defense positions regularly change for anyone on the field who is not an alliance leader (they’re always front + center).

These changes most commonly occur after the member count of an alliance changes, though usually only after a valid participant leaves I have seen once where the teams on the battlefield changed even though the new person couldn’t be added to war defense because it had already started.

We had no change in the alliance when this happened. And I am co leader. It changed from second from left, first row, to last on right, first row