Performance issues in base

So i recently moved most of my recruits from Training Camp lvl 20 to Training Camp lvl 11 while storing my food in the alchemy lab levels 4b and 6b.
While i was doing this, my gameplay within the base was getting increasingly slow and sluggish.
Adding items to any queue takes forever now (have to keep my finger pressed about 25 seconds to add 50 items to a queue), whether it is a training camp or a forge. Even just collecting food or iron from my farms/mines feels very laggy.
Everything outside the base runs just as smoothly as before.
Basically it looks like my rather long TC11 queue is responsible for slowing the entire base down.
Some screens from the aforementioned buildings:
(I also have video of the sluggishness but cannot add it to this post)

I don’t like storing up resources past a year. Bottlenecks or clogged arteries are medically linked to performance issues.

No rush job has ever required over a years worth of resources for me.

I like to transition in TC2 and TC19 when I do have a years worth of ham in my TC20, and some new additions that need leveling.

There’s just no benefit to having a decade worth of resources plugged up. What a waste

No use acquiring yet more feeders if you don’t have anything to level though ;_;

LOL “SKIP 2.3 million gems”

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