Perfect SnapShot - Lianna

I got an email response from Lianna to my questionnaire. It was a fun read, but it sounds like she’s a bit of a pistol.

Tell everyone a little about your background
You know, it’s tough to be 4’7 and 5/8ths. There’s a lot of expectations from your clan, and that can be hard to do when you’re among the shortest members. Kadilen? Elkanen? They’re almost five full feet tall! Caed towers over me at 5’5! Literally everything I have to do needs to be perfect. My war-paint has to be on-point, my bow has to be cleaned, maintained and treated after every fight and oh goddess forbid if I actually miss a shot!! Kinda irritated, actually, that I have to fight through all of this just to hear one of these thumb-crazy phone jockeys call me ‘obsolete’!
So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t find it all that overwelmingly ‘FUN’ to put on that stupid little costume just so that I’ll be relevant in your little world.
Might I remind you that Sartana, Derric’s daughter, idolized me growing up? So… yeah first chance she got she copied my shhhh…ot. If it weren’t for his dark majesty’s power, I’d still be the sniper queen.
Chip on my shoulder? Sure. Why not. I was the original tank in a sea of snipers that had to hide in the trees. What amuses me is that I get ignored but oh do people get worried when I might go off!!

Obsolete? Pfft. I was here at the beginning, I will survive to the end. I evolve, adapt, look good and still kick major ash. So, yeah, I’m used to being underestimated and I’m used to succeeding against all odds. You gunna bet against me? Ok, punk. Let’s dance.

What are your thoughts about these fantastic displays of magic from other heroes?
You want to be a show-pony, be a show-pony. Simple magic is just as powerful as complex magic. I don’t have time for all of that nonsense. When you’re my size you learn to be efficient, makes sense for my magic to follow suit. Almost noone breathes a sigh of relief when my arrows strike.

How about love, any interests?
Tarlak’s pretty cute, but wayyy too tall for me. Hansel’s so hot right now, buuuut has a weird relationship with his sister so that’s a no. I kinda have a love/hate thing for Triton. When it comes down to it, I’m just too busy for a relationship or the complications of getting tied down. Maybe I’ll marry myself like that one basketball player did…

Any big future plans?
Pfft. I’m no show-pony… my role is less glamorous now, and I really don’t like getting into costume just to let people notice me… but I’m still a soldier, fighting the good fight against the Dark Lord Derric and his wenchy copy-cat daughter. Maybe I’ll put a few MORE of my arrows into Aegir. Those are my arrows he’s got stuck in him, so you know. Undead icey warriors suck.

Any final words for our readers?
Sure! If you think you have that Perfect Shot to cut someone down, save it. Silence is much more graceful than loud arguing. I would consider the world a better place if most would just shut their mouths and listen to the wind through the leaves.

Thank you, Lianna
Any time, PK. Also? I was SO shocked when I learned Hel got with Agwe! CRAAAAAAAAYYYYYY Solid reporting. And also? Guin’s a major B. Never knew that side of her, she always looked so put together.

(at @Saphirra request)


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Well done. Well done!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: such a fun, entertaining read! :+1:
I hope you got more coming up, looking forward to read more! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think they can make it :rofl:


Looks like Domitia is next :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep her PG-rated.


Boom. PK in the house.

Great read, thanks man


She’s so hawt in costume :slight_smile:


I think @PeachyKeen is taking your interviewing skillz to the next level, @JonahTheBard.


And without resorting to bosoms…

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… yet …

Never know where the story’s gonna go.

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Those tonics make her feisty…

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Indeed, although in my defense, I’ve had to create 20 fake forum accounts over the last couple of years in the knowledge that I’d need a bunch of people to interview so I can just write the answers myself.

Does this mean that I am also @Math4lyfe and am having this conversation with myself?

How can you be sure it isn’t?


We know it’s not because you stayed on topic. :woman_shrugging:


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