Perfect Riposte vs Rare Titan reflect

Can’t seem to find the answer so thought I’d ask…

We currently have a rare titan that reflects holy (yellow). My normal titan team consists of…

Sabina, Caedmon, Boril, Scarlett, Wu Kong

IF I shift Wu next to Boril and have Perfect Riposte active protecting Wu, will any yellow tile damage that the titan reflects back be in turn reflected back by Perfect Riposte and land as intended?

Won’t be as strong IF that works, I get that part.

Nope, only Wu take damage.
There’s some effects that bypass riposte, and this one is not affected either.

Thanks. Means I need a much deeper bench of 4*.

I’m building up iron storage to push to SH19…at 18 currently. Goal is to have a TC 20 churning soon…ish.

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