Perfect riposte only dealing 100% damage in certain cases

Swashed my elemental link theory check this out. Lianna only takes like 1/4 damage from counter attack now lol. 115% of 1100+ damage = 350 lol got it! :wink::yum::joy:

Not sure we’re understanding each other. What I said was, here’s an example: Cyprian has 115% riposte active and 200 HP. Lianna hits him for 500 damage. At this point Lianna will take 200 HP damage, not 200 * 1.15 damage she should’ve. I didn’t check this in the latest version, but from the release notes I don’t read it as fixed.

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Apparently, they examined the bug & decided they shouldn’t reflect damage for 115% or even 100% because they’re dead.

Look up the definition of riposte if you don’t understand, still :slight_smile:

Now, if the special was different, something like “Explosive Armor” or something that could hurt the attacker, without the defender doing anything, then it would make sense for the attacker to be damaged.

Hmm… that gives me an idea for a new special :slight_smile:

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I’ve tested and, amazingly, you’re right. This has to be the stupidest bug fix ever.


Yes, the issue is fixed in the new update (version 15). The fix improved Cyprian when he has over 100% counterattack, but at the same time ‘nerfs’ anyone with counterattack less than 100%, since these heroes previously benefited from the bug (they were doing 100% damage in certain edge cases).

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It’s effectively a nerf to any hero with riposte even if it was a bug. It’s been a bug for too long that it influences ascension decisions. If I knew Elena would barely get an opportunity to riposte I’d probably not ascend her, since the incentive is high HP/low defense creating significant blow back with riposte. Now knowing that if she has one less HP than the death blow (which happens easily) she will deal NO damage is a game changer. I would have held her at 3/70 and waited, and I ultimately got Marjana months later and would rather her be 4/80 after the nerf.

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The so-called fix is a nerf to all heroes with riposte. @sleeperZ96BT also said it, but I get the feeling at least some at SG are confused. For any_percent% riposte the damage taken by the attacker is now zero if the hero having the riposte status dies. That damage taken by the attacker should be life_taken_from_riposte_hero * riposte_percent, not zero.

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@Petri I’m ok with the “dead heroes can’t hit back’” fix, but it also seems that the reflect damage for living heroes is not being reflected properly. The attacker now only takes a small percentage of the damage.
The reduced reflect damage makes them virtually useless.

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I have Alasie myselves and can confirm that Alasie takes far less counter damage than 115% when using her special attack. This does not seem to be the same for regular tile damage.

I have a theory I have not tested yet, but maybe the new bug is that the riposte hits 115% of the leftover hitpoints in the case of the Alasie special? It might have something to do with the ‘dead heroes don’t counter’ - fix, 0x115% = 0, but 306 left over from your Obakan = 306*115% = around 350.

And, to add, I don’t think it’s only Alasie, but that’s the one single hitter I mostly use. Therefore I’ve only “tested” this with her.

Oh I’m sorry, I see this has been found already.