Perfect riposte only dealing 100% damage in certain cases

I’m pretty sure this is a new bug, maybe even just a visual bug. I’m sure I would have noticed it before.

Here’s a video from the 2nd match I noticed it in. In the previous match, I noticed it against Joon & Sartana. In the video below, it’s Marjana, near the end.

Let it be known, I lost for science! :laughing:

Ok, I just watched the video & it shows a proper reflect. I swear when I was playing, it showed the same reflect damage.
What is this voodoo?!
Just watched again, and it showed 100% reflect. Ok I’m gonna go eat something. I’m not on shrooms, I swear.

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So in all 3 instances (only 1 recorded this far), heroes hit for the same amount as their hp? Seems unlikely :slight_smile:

I’ll record some more & see if I can reproduce it.

That said Marjana had exactly the same hp like Cyprian I dont think so ;D

But if Marjana is full hp and hits 50hp Cyprian. She will only suffer 50 damage. Maybe the riposte is coded poorly in this case and does not allow more damage than the hp left on the killed hero.

@Maaeetz nailed it.
Verified here. In the video below, near the end, again, they should riposte with 823 (target had 716hp) & 825 (target had 717hp).

Should be a quick fix, too. :slight_smile:

This is one of my recent raids where I used Sonya’s special against Kashhrek while he had a riposte from Cyprian (happens around the 1-minute mark). The counter damage was 115% as expected.

Yes. Because Kashrek did not die on the hit. If the enemy hero dies on the hit it is only 100%.

Ah, I see what you mean now. Yes, that should be fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Petri @Sara this looks like a legit bug. To my eye, it appears that the damage returned by riposte is capped at 100% of the target’s HP at the start of the turn. Look at 2:20 of the OP’s video - Cyprian has 858 HP and takes 823 damage from Marjana’s hit. Marjana ought to take 823*1.15=946 damage. If the bug were simply returning 100% instead, she would take 823 damage. Instead, she takes 858 damage - Cyprian’s HP at the start of the turn.

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Also noticed that with Nathalya…also Cyprian for sure.

Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate the issue here and hope to get it fixed soon!


Was this addressed in today’s update?
I just did a raid where my hero with perfect riposte active (not the castor) was finished off (~600hp), and the attacking hero, Lianna, took no damage.
I know there was a change regarding elemental barriers, so I’m guessing perfect riposte was affected?
Is this a bug or intentional? :slight_smile:

Nevermind, it seems it is intentional.

Guess I won’t be using them anymore :slight_smile: :frowning:

Yep happened to me too. Sartana and alasie seem to be immune with their special skills only to counter attack. I tested it multiple times. Alasie did 1000+ damage and only took 294 and sartana didn’t take any. The next test raid neither sartana’s or alasie’s special skills took any counter attack but lianna did. Could just be alasie and sartana bug?!

If they finish off the hero, they don’t take damage (per notes). Makes sense, but also makes riposte heroes a bit useless now.

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My obakan in the picture way above took 1,000+ damage,didn’t die,and alasie only took 294 damage? Ok so if that’s officially true that counterattack doesn’t work if your hero dies then that would make sense on the others.@petri

Not entirely sure what you people are about, but when a hero with riposte status dies, the riposte is 100%, not 115%. This is a bug, I though it’s an obvious one for anyone playing the game.

It was a bug, yes. It seems they looked at it, and decided dead heroes can’t hit back. That makes sense. The 100% remaining hp damage should have been 0.
Sucks, but it is what it is :wink:

So what does that alasie elemental link thing mean? It would seem my obakan only counter attacked 1/4 of what it should’ve been. Weird My obakan was still alive after that hit of 1000+ and alasie only took 294 damage.

I don’t know why she only took that amount. Maybe they changed the way it factors the damage or something.

@Petri may be able to shed some insight.