Perfect Riposte not working anymore


Since the new update,the perfect riposte counterattack skill dies not work with the enemy’s common attacks but only special skills,which is making the hero totally useless.


Here is video proof. Richard kills himself with his special. Right after, Sabina hits Delilah and takes no damage back. It says “counterattack”, but no damage taken.


The video is unavailable in youtube😦


Should be fixed with new release.

Could you please update and check if counterattack works again properly?



I can’t confim yet but pre patch my opponent was taking odd damage in raids. It was happening when repo was up on their team. I don’t know if it was the cause but it happened twice in a row and one of my opponents heros died from it. I had not attacked nor was I using a hero that had a dot or repo. It happened right after the opponents hero hit my team.


Sorry - it was private instead of unlisted. Fixed now.