Perfect Riposte for Cyprian not working



12:05am EDT. Raiding with:

Crim (level 45)
Debauchery, Inc.

Morgan, Rigard, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Grimm


Amy (level 53)
Squirrel Brigade

Boldtusk, Magni, Justice, Marjana, Rigard

Cyprian had cast Perfect Riposte. Marjana cast special vs. Rigard for 900+ damage with no Counterstrike, and 2 turns later (Counterstrike still active according to icon) Marjana cast for 900+ on Boldtusk with no Counterstrike.

I’m reading the forum and this seems to also be happening to other people with Boril.

I can’t justify spending another dime on a game that gets worse with every update instead of better. Raiding and Titans have been the meat and potatoes of this game from the beginning. How can you screw them up now?


If it’s a kill shot, there’s no reflect damage. I thought they were reverting that part, also, but I guess not… or maybe it was overlooked?
Is it working correctly now? Or should attackers still take 115% damage when their hit kills, as before?

I believe there are several topics & different ideas on this, so I’m confused as to what the final outcome should be :laughing:


It will be reversed back to the previous function with the next update


I had almost the same issue. Cyprian reflection didnt work. Cyprain get 700 damage and didnt die and the oponnent get 46 damage. Twice in a row the same sytuation in one battle