Perfect Riposte after Cheshire Cat shuffles?

I shuffled Boril into the corner. When he cast Perfect Riposte, it still applied to Tiburtus who was no longer ‘nearby.’ Is that correct?

Believe so as in it doesn’t remove buffs

Boril applies perfect riposte to nearby, but that only dictates who he can initially buff, not just who can have the buff

All buffs applied before the chesh shuffle will still be there after the chesh shuffle besides defense buffs on yellow enemiea


I guess I’m a bit confused. He cast after he had been shuffled, so I figured he was isolated from his nearby mate.


You’re right - that seems like a bug. Should be looked into

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If you’re sure that the Perfect Riposte on Tibs was applied after the shuffle moved them apart, then yeah, that’s a bug. You should submit a support ticket so that SG can take a look at the case.

Here’s how to do that:


100% positive. Thanks for the assistance.


Sure thing! If you include that pic and the approximate time (and timezone) it happened, they’ll be able to go through the logs and take a look at the fight.


Yea i misread the chain of events apparently


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Drat. Wonderland was so long ago. This came up with the Cheshire Cat boss in my alliance. But since I have not run Kashhrek in a long time, it appeared to just be a cosmetic issue and not worth a bug report. If I Remember Correctly it has to do with how special skills are ordered in the code and end of phase checks.

I think I was running iOS 11.4 on my iPhone 7 Plus

I never thought about the impact of this for enemy buffs.

If I remember my Beta rumors correctly, this coincided with a huge fight in Beta, with testers refusing to run multiple Wonderland. So Boss Cheshire Cat was probably poorly tested.

Most testers concentrate on 5* heroes so this did not come up in raids. The old “fresh eyes” QA testing dilemma.


I hope SGG employs some QA guys and don’t rely only on volunteer beta testers.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort of beta testers. But a paid employee can’t just refuse to test some part of app, and is responsible for quality of their work.


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