Perfect reposte bug



In a raid I just killed Boril as last hero standing from opponent.
He had perfect reposte up and 1 Ramming Pulverizer from Tibertus was active on him.
When I finished him with an other Ramming Pulverizer I noticed Tibertus didn’t receive any damage at all.
He was on 151 hitpoints before the second special fired and I won the battle with that action with him still on 151 hit points.

All other 4 hero’s where still standing so the outcome would not be different but I think this is not as intended.


Well if you finished him with that last blow…
then he was hit first and if he would have had life left then counter would have taken effect.

yes, you could have taken damage and you could have lost all heroes but after he lost his…
and you would have won and no heroes alive on the board… it would have been very bad estetically

So in order for the winner to be last man standing the counter damage was not dealt.

at least this is my opinion :smiley:


As far as I see it, I hit him with Ramming Pulveriser and not matter what happens ( I kill him or not kill him) I still should receive the damage from his Perfecte reposte.
In this cast 135% from his hitpoints he had left as this is the damage I did to him.

Or is this changed somewhere?


and you would have won with a board where all heroes are dead.

so its not a big difference.

if it happens when the opponent has another live hero then yes its a bug that would matter/make a difference.


If both teams have a last man standing, it is correct that riposte should do damage even if it means 1 hp, because with that single hp you can win or lose a raid (both team annihilated means a lost for the attacker), consequentially it means win or not the watchtower resources.

If this is really the case, it is correct that he reported it and ask for a fix.


Depends how developers thinked… what is first? damage of the attacker or the damage from the counterattacker?

Logically you counterattack after you were attacked… so defender gets hit and dies and counters after… i suppose… and being the last man of his team - not standing - but not the last man that dies on the board - defender loses

But game developers knows best :slight_smile: and I think they will look into it if neccesary.

We debate in vane :stuck_out_tongue:


This just happened to me few hours ago!
I was attacking, last hero was Cyprian with his skill activated, last enemy standing was Gormek (both with low HP). He uses his skill on Cyprian and instantly both died, butI lost the match!!! I got credits (5) for filling the chest, but no resources at all :expressionless: