Hi there!

I’d like to ask devs to show us percent chances for:

  1. Loot chance at different loot tier levels (both 3 and 4* ascension materials)
  2. Chest loot chance
  3. Epic hero/ elemental/ event summon chances for 4-5* heroes
  4. Avoid phrases like “deals 200% damage to the target and MINOR (what is the percent???) Damage to nearby enemies”
  5. Chance for epic troop summon

The basic idea is that all percentages should be available for players.

This information should be updated when changes happen.
So far all the phrases like “increased chance for legendary hero” make no sense to me. Regular event might be 1% chance and increased might be 1.01%.
I think it’s fair that everyone know what the odds are and not just be tricky with the wording.