Percentage of the game

Hello i need any info
There are percentage tables of
titans growth
Leveling Heroes (with 1 star 2star ecc)
Percentage or damage increased by skill

What do you mean “percentage tables if Titan growth”? Right now, Titans go from 1* to 10*.

What is your question on Leveling 1-2* heroes?

The skill increase (which may or may not include damage depending on hero type) is shown directly on the hero card at the bottom under special. Look at the difference:

Lastly, you have posted under “Player Guides” section. I will move your post to General Discussion which is typically used for player questions and comments.

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thank you for answering
i need one other info…when yu can
can you explain to me the growth of the titan,based on what increases,and how it diminishes if you do not kill it
Thanks in advance

We don’t know the details of which Titan an alliance will get next. As a general matter, if your alliance beats several (3 or so) N* titans in a row, you’ll get a (N+1)* Titan. (E.g. you slay three 3* titans in a row, you’ll likely see a 4* Titan next.) If you kill that, you’ll probably keep getting (N+1)* titans for a while (3 or so) before you’ll get an (N+2)* Titan.

On the other side, if you miss a Titan, you’ll usually be downgraded by one step. It appears that if your team has a consistent record of killing N* titans that you can be forgiven a miss and get another N* Titan. I’ve also seen when missing an N* Titan led to a (N-2)* Titan coming next—this seemed to happen when we got less than 50% of the harder Titan damage.

so there is no calculation to determine the growth of the titan?

or they all grow at the same regardless of the alliance that kills him?(alliance understood as alliance points)

Any one Titan is static, unchanging. Each Titan is ranked by its difficulty by the number of stars :star:️ on a scale of 1 to 10. The loot you and your allies get is closely tied to the :star:️ and your personal performance on damaging the Titan. Once a Titan is destroyed or escapes, it disappears from the game. The next one spawns 23 hours after the previous one, and it is a fresh example of some Titan.

Does that make sense to you?

to be fair, there are variations of a titan. i.e. 10* volcanic dragon can have several different levels of hp. Not sure what else is different but probably attack and defense stats as well.

so the titans are the same for everyone?the points of the alliance do not count?

What I’m saying is that even if you get a 10* red volcanic dragon, there are different sub levels of them…some are a bit stronger than others…everyone can and does get the whole range of them.

yea i know it all single star titan have a lot of sub level…

the titan grows the same way for everyone…this is the final…

Each alliance fights its own titan. They are not the same at the same timefor all alliancea.

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