Percentage of spent bonus

There’s a lot of complaints out there about the changes and how much money it will cost to advance their Heroes.

I think there should be a percentage bonus incentive program. Once a month you get a certain percentage of how much you put into the game and it goes up by the level you are. It will make people feel like they’re appreciated and ease the stress of how much money has been spent. People tend to not mind how much money they spent when they get that bonus at the end of the month. Who doesn’t like to get free gems. Although they won’t be free because it’ll be based on how much money was spent and what level you are

If this is implemented ,I think people that have been around a long time and spent tens of thousands of dollars should get percentage of past spending. I guarantee they we’ll use that up quickly and spend more money.

At the same time feel the game actually appreciates their business.

Several games have this practice and it is nice at the end of the month to get a nice bonus. Thanks for your time

And you have to be a certain level before you start get the spending bonus. Level 30 or something I don’t know.

If you like this idea please share the link so people can vote on it. Thanks

ehhh…no. Just stop spend money if you bother the odds. P2W players already got enough advantages.

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