Percent chance for 1 vs 2 stars on uncommon training?

Does anyone know the % chance of a 1 vs 2 star hero being trained in the uncommon training and its variants (low cost, extra low cost, etc)?

thx in advance…

I haven’t seen it, but ahpuld be easy enough to figure out if someone wants to keep track as you can do tons a dat

No clue. 2* drops often enough that I don’t think about it. Hmm…


To close out my own thread, I tracked 720 uncommon trainings post 1.9 update and ended up with a 361 vs 359 split. That’s about as 50/50 as you can get for me.


If I’d known about your thread, I would’ve said “probably 50/50”. Though my sample is only a few dozens at a time.

I’m currently working towards a level 20 Stronghold and because I’ve got some heroes to level / skills max out, I’ve been running three training camps with extra low cost training in order to create some cheap fodder. Right now, I have 3 x 117 heroes trained and another 479 queued.

If you’re interested, I can post the results, but I won’t be taking those heroes out for another couple of days.

Did you want to close the thread?

@kahree - that was my longtime evidence, but 1.9 changed a bunch of stuff so I wanted to re-validate.

@Rook - I’m fine either way, open or closed.

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The ratio between 1* and 2* is the same now.
There wasn’t any need to change it, so they didn’t. :slight_smile:

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