Perceived Cheating in Alliance War - [SOLVED]

Strong alliances are reducing the number of trophies to destroy weak alliances.
The alliance selection system for war is extremely flawed and unfair.
The solution to this problem is the sum of the power of the 30 strongest heroes of each alliance player. Giving a percentage of maximum 5% up and down.
In the period of preparation and war a total blockade of improvements of the heroes and the troops.
I believe that in this way the war would be much more fair and without margin for the tricks and tricks to deceive the system.

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AW matching is not based on trophy anymore since this last war.

So dropping cups is useless, only way to get easier fights is dropping titans :slightly_smiling_face: (and thats just crazy)


I believe that basing the war on the outcome of clashes with titans also gives room for cheating. An Alliance can let the Titan escape and reduce Titan’s level. So you can have alliances with 150k points facing alliances with 30k points. The injustice continues.

…I’m just disappointed you had to make another new thread to discuss your gripes with the match making system. There are at least 5 others you could’ve chosen from and given your voice there.

But just letting you know, Alliances won’t skip Titans they can kill just to find a slightly easier opponent. The rewards are much much greater from a Titan.


I don’t know, i’m not taking part on wars so i don’t know if war loot is better of titan loot.
But for me is a nonsense.

Let a titan escape you can have at best 1 loot (war loot), but if you keep beat titans you can have at best 2, cause you can win war the same.

Bof, for me as it is now is surely better of before, but i don’t know for sure if people can discover some other trick.

I also want to add that while the match making isn’t perfect. The fact that they are listening and tried something new should give you hope.


New matchmaking appears to have worked out well for us. We’re in a dead heat with a Russian group that looked far superior according to alliance score.


With the new way of you start a new alliance you can hang out with lower level alliances for 2-3 weeks

@rook could you please consolidate all these threads into one?

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Dumbest. Thread. Ever.

@Petri, you should take Rook and Coppersky to a fancy dinner every time you roll out a new feature like Alliance War or past HotM or uses for excess ingredients/ items. Complainers gonna complain.

Moderators are paid in praise and taxed in grief. The pay is too low and the taxes too high !

Hi there!

As others have stated; this war, matches were made via TITAN score only (not alliance score, which combines Titan and Alliance scores together).

Alliance scores are affected by dropping cups. Titan scores are not.

For the record, until SG states that cup dropping is against the rules, it is a tactic not a cheat. Therefore I will be editing your title.

Please search existing threads and add your voice to ongoing conversations; do not make new threads on items that already have a voice. Thank you. :slight_smile:


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