Peppermint vs Bera for Tank Position

I got Peppermint too. Instead of complaining about pulling a 5 star, I am trying to think how can he fit in my roster. I have C Krampus and Pengi. Now I am comparing Pepper with Bera for the tank position. His minion is weaker but he deals more damage along with similar poison DOT. His status is much better than Bera and he probably can deal 500-600 direct damage even with mediocre 250% AOE. Plus, he gains family bonus for their minions. After all that analysis, I would like to hear the feedback from you. Do you think that he is better than Bera for the tank position along with C Krampus and Pengi?

  • Bera for tank
  • Peppermint for tank

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Peppermint is crying at the corner……

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Peppermint is below par even for 2020. The only case i have in favor for this card is having Madilda and C Panther to give her company.

Bera gives constant poison, she cuts mana on death. Her minions are beefy. She is fast. And if you do not have a minion counter and cleanser on time, her friends can setup the kill shot pretty fast.