Peoples Choice Banner

Idea: Peoples Choice Banner

Rotating every month or so, I think SGG has enough heroes in the game to put out a poll for the community to select 4 to 6 heroes to be featured in a Peoples Choice Banner (PCB).

It would be similar to Atlantis, but the players would select what heroes are highlighted by a majority vote. Also, to prevent the same heroes appearing every PCB, they could lock those heroes selected out of the next banner poll. Rotating the hero pool selection every time to prevent redundancy.

This would definitely increase revenue for SGG, as the top 4 to 6 most desirable heroes by public vote would be up for grabs, if you’re lucky enough.

Not a long post, but it’s definitely food for thought.

I think they should make raids fair your opponents always seem to do more damage to you make it fair week teams should not be able to take you out

When we get refills for leveling up and only have three banners gone it should give us a flask not just refill 3 banners. I feel like I’m getting ripped off. I work hard and spend money to keep leveling up at a decent pace.

Yes, flasks would be ideal.

Personally, I don’t care too much about the energies refill. I have a mini stockpile of flasks. I’d much rather see a significant upgrade to the 10 gems, and silver token rewards for levelling up.

The last time I leveled up, I got just one extra hero slot too. :rofl: