People who raid and leave 1 hero defense team

I mean you’re right it’s really not a big deal haha but I saw a thread and it had been bothering me so I hopped in. But it is decidedly unfair and a cheap tactic that I think should be addressed. I revenge literally every person that attacks me and I hate that someone gets to benefit from such a cheap tactic. If you’re gonna cup Drop at least let the other person fill their chest

Sometimes I use a flag and get 0 heros towards my chest :).

i myself do not raid people anymore. i only revenge in my tower. myself i steer clear of stupid people and their actions and i dont have to use my food to reroll. food comes hard. lol thats why i have over 250 raid refills. to bad i cant trade them. i paid for some of them. trading is what id really like to see start

It has happened to me todo, that there are players who place a single hero on their defensive team after winning a round from you. It should be banned. You are spending raid energy to get only one hero for your raid chest

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