People who raid and leave 1 hero defense team

These people should be banned out warned, this is not in the spirit of the game, they attack you, win, kill 5 heroes towards the mission and then leave 1 hero defending so when you revenge you only get 1 hero kill on a used raid energy, I know I can reroll, but still this is just wrong and it shouldn’t be allowed. Especially if you are actively raiding.

I gladly kill the lone hero when I have raid energy to spare, once the chest is done.


Banning is harsh, but I agree with the sentiment. We are playing an alliance that has 2 members doing this, they are only worth a total of 14 points each. It would be nice if they would change it so you can only attack with as many heroes you have on defense. That would put an end to it pretty quick.


YI think you are missing something. I am currently dropping my trophies because I am exhausted from raiding and writing overly long posts about raiding. I drop my trophies to take a break and test new tactics. Check out Raiding in the Top 1000.

I doubt that the person dropped their defense team just because they attacked you. Might be, but who cares. Find a new team to attack. Raids are random not personal.

Neither you, me or other people “own” trophies. We just borrow them temporarily. When I drop my defense team, I am giving up a lot of trophies. If I use one hero on defense, and if you need to fill your chest, you should hit the reroll button.

There are a lot of easy to kill “fish” in the sea of raids.


I had to go reread the OP, because we were talking apples and oranges. I was referring to leaving one hero on defense in AW. I see now that the OP is talking about raids, not AW.


But I agree on your first sentence , banning is harsh. Raiding sucks at a point in player development. I TOTALLY understand the frustration.

Like it was said, their 1 man defense has nothing to do with revenge.
I.also hate a 1 man defense if I’m not paying attention as it slows my chest. If not filling a chest it is an easy win.
No.punishment needed

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I love this game. My Xbox and my gaming computer are slowly gathering dust. Yes, I know I am nuts.

Because I love this game so much it has the ability to piss me off… A LOT!

But really, take a look at “Raiding in the Top 1000”. The goal of the document was to help stop the frustration of high level raiding, which I believe you are doing. I know that tone of text. :wink:

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Here @Blaaarggle_Blaa… I’ll help you with the link to your post. :wink:


I think it’s a dick move!!! SG could solve it by making you place 5 heroes or every win guarantees 5 heroes. And no you are not borrowing trophies. They raided you so revenge is rightfully yours

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Cups are pointless and just doing raids for the sake of winning cups and trying to get to the top 100 is a waste of time as there are to many up there designed to knock you back down twice as fast.
I have been down that road and used to get frustrated with raids. I a far better player since I have that up and started not caring about cups and used raids as a training field.
We have one player in our allience that gets up there now and then, But he doesn’t last 24hrs there.

Don’t worry about cups. Use raids as a training field for AW battles, test your combinations and placements. Doesn’t matter if you lose.
It will make you a better AW attacker. I have thought this to my allience and win 9 out 10 AW’s even against opponents that at first glance looks like we would have no chance.

Eventually ad you grow your cups will stable out according to your abilities and strengths.

Have fun and don’t stress out over what you can’t control.

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I agree. I could care less about cups, buts it’s just unfair when someone discourages revenging them because you only get one hero towards your chest. I think forcing 5 hero’s on defense teams (or rewarding 5 heroes towards chest automatically if you win) is a simple and good solution

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I agree. It’s a really dick move and they should be punished severely.

I enjoy raiding as I find teams other than gravemaker and quinivere to test my skills and hero selection.
I also revenge, which I use as a test.

Just fill the hero chest and cream their team… ez peasy.

If anything sometimes that lets me sneak into a higher tier like Daimond and help guarantee that I stay there overnight. I don’t see the issue myself if you take advantage of those teams properly

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I guess my frustration is that you’re using a flag to fill one monster towards you chest. It defintely discourages me from revenging them. That’s my issue. The easy cups are nice lol

May I ask you a question based on your angered affect of the single hero in defense.

Would it make you feel any less angry if they setup a worthless 3* or 2* team of 5 heros as their defense thus acheiving the same goal as placing on a single hero?

You can’t control how others play the game or know their intents which is why when you come across one of these just say to yourself (bastards) and reroll.

Whether they place a single hero or their weakest possible team * which is what would happen should there be any restrictions on this type of thing) really makes no difference at all.


Bad for those who put a single hero. If they want to drop cups, put five Aifes there, at least they’ll count for the hero chest.

Leaving a single hero is bad for those who adopt it.


I have one word for people who are frustrated by 1 hero opponents. REROLL.

To be clear, I’m personally referencing revenges so re roll is irrelevant. Having one hero discourages revenging because you waste a flag if you’re trying to fill your chest. Full stop. So yes, having a defense of all one star heroes would solve this issue

So… if you are finding this when you are trying to revenge them, it doesn’t even cost to close out and choose someone else. In AW I can see that being an issue but this doesn’t seem like a big deal for raids. Just my thought.

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