People looking for alliances

Was wondering if it would be possible to start a page for people Looking for alliances. There is a page for Alliances looking for Recruits but there isn’t a oage for Recruits looking for alliances. Is it possible to start one??

I don’t know if they will start one, but people have had good results by posting in the alliance recruitment area, as a player seeking an alliance. Helps to make that the title of your post…

Start by saying what you are looking for in an alliance, along with what level you are etc.

Are you looking? Or just wanting to see a separate room for that? My alliance, Dark Fire, along with our sister alliances, Dark Nova and Dark Inferno, all have spots depending on where you are in the game.

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I’m not sure it’s really necessary. I understand the frustration we all experience when we are looking for new players. Our ads and posts get quickly buried.

I’m almost positive though that any player actually looking for an active alliance will have their posting found … even 6 months later!

To be honestly, it would be kinda cool as a recruit to post an ad for yourself, include screenshots of your roster, sit back, and see what offers come to you. You would get to feel like the pretty girl at the bar having every guy buy you drinks.


That is allowed and people do that


No not looking for an alliance looking for recruits. We have a post but as said below it gets buried fast. But thank you for your reply.

Am I the only person confused between your first post and this one?

Are you a) looking for an alliance? OR b) looking for recruits FOR your alliance?

I’m not sure it belongs in general discussion but I think you’d have to clarify first so players can answer you.



Each time you comment on your existing thread, it’ll bump back up to the top of #alliance-recruitment.

Discourse, the Forum Software, also uses aggregate views, comments, and likes to determine thread rank — so as you continue using the same thread for recruiting, Discourse will actually highlight the thread more prominently.

That’s actually why we always recommend using a single thread for recruiting — it’s not just to avoid “noise” in #alliance-recruitment, it’s also more effective for your recruiting efforts.

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