People joining and immediately leaving the alliance

Just wondering if other alliances are having this problem. We are an alliance that is stable, almost 2 years old. Our members range from lvl 60+ down to 30+ with most in the mid 40s. In the past we have had no problem filling up but lately members come and immediately leave. My ad is simple, with stated rules also simple, chat friendly and supportive. We welcome and help newbies with the game. Can’t figure out what is going on. Some don’t speak English, a requirement, but I figure they come from pop up for peeps that don’t have an Alliance that SG puts on base screen. Any input would be helpful. I am beginning to believe we are too strong for mid level to lower players. Most of our TP is 4000 plus. Thxs in advance!

Is your alliance set to open? Some may be looking for titans.

Is your language set to something other than English?

You might be right with the “auto pop up alliance ad” for people without alliance.

What is more common, especially during POV, is that people are hunting Titans for the challenges that this event offers. If your alliance is set to “Open” and you are in the range of 2* - 6* Titans (maybe even up to 9*-10*), there is a good chance a lot of people are just joining and checking at the Titan’s HP if it is worth spending a flag(s) on it for the POV kill.
You may want to check their activity on your Titan and if they leave right after Titan is killed (or right after they join, because Titan has a lot of HP left and not worth waiting for the kill).

Also make sure to check in with your alliance mates if they are not asking for a titan help in Global chats by any chance.

Solution, in case you don’t want to see this happening - set you alliance to “Invite Only” and keep posting your recruiting ads but this time new members will have to be accepted (instead of auto joining) in order to be in the alliance.


Thx you! Good gaming!

No…everything is the same! I think because we have 13 members over TP of 4000+, some may just be intimidated! The rest is 3000+ and growing!

A lot of people look at the number of stars on the titan, how long its been up and how many people have hit, looking to see if the titans are big enough and the whole alliance actively hitting. Then they pop over to war - did you win/lose and did the alliance use all their hits? Basically people want to be sure the whole alliance is active and knows what they are doing. If not they move on.

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