People joining and immediately leaving the alliance

Just wondering if other alliances are having this problem. We are an alliance that is stable, almost 2 years old. Our members range from lvl 60+ down to 30+ with most in the mid 40s. In the past we have had no problem filling up but lately members come and immediately leave. My ad is simple, with stated rules also simple, chat friendly and supportive. We welcome and help newbies with the game. Can’t figure out what is going on. Some don’t speak English, a requirement, but I figure they come from pop up for peeps that don’t have an Alliance that SG puts on base screen. Any input would be helpful. I am beginning to believe we are too strong for mid level to lower players. Most of our TP is 4000 plus. Thxs in advance!

Is your alliance set to open? Some may be looking for titans.

Is your language set to something other than English?

You might be right with the “auto pop up alliance ad” for people without alliance.

What is more common, especially during POV, is that people are hunting Titans for the challenges that this event offers. If your alliance is set to “Open” and you are in the range of 2* - 6* Titans (maybe even up to 9*-10*), there is a good chance a lot of people are just joining and checking at the Titan’s HP if it is worth spending a flag(s) on it for the POV kill.
You may want to check their activity on your Titan and if they leave right after Titan is killed (or right after they join, because Titan has a lot of HP left and not worth waiting for the kill).

Also make sure to check in with your alliance mates if they are not asking for a titan help in Global chats by any chance.

Solution, in case you don’t want to see this happening - set you alliance to “Invite Only” and keep posting your recruiting ads but this time new members will have to be accepted (instead of auto joining) in order to be in the alliance.


Thx you! Good gaming!

No…everything is the same! I think because we have 13 members over TP of 4000+, some may just be intimidated! The rest is 3000+ and growing!

A lot of people look at the number of stars on the titan, how long its been up and how many people have hit, looking to see if the titans are big enough and the whole alliance actively hitting. Then they pop over to war - did you win/lose and did the alliance use all their hits? Basically people want to be sure the whole alliance is active and knows what they are doing. If not they move on.

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This probably isn’t a problem for big alliances, but for smaller ones its very frustrating to constantly have people join and leave next second when they see you are not the strongest alliance or a spot opens up in a bigger one.
Im not saying you should prevent people from leaving completely, but i think its fair to set a timer of half a day or even a day, so those players can actually see the alliance in action, and meet the members, and after that if they still want to leave, go ahead.
All I’d like is for a chance to be there for the smaller alliances.

I am not sure what you are looking to achieve here to be honest. Joining or leaving an alliance is a personal choice and has no real impact unless the member is included in the war matchmaking.
If a player joins an alliance and reads through chat etc and decides it’s not a good fit for him/her then there is no real problem other than it may be frustrating for the alliance leadership Team


If its not a good fit they can leave after timer expires, im not saying we should keep the player against his will.
If people enter and leave constantly the alliance chat becomes unusable. For example, in my alliance few times we didn’t see someone enter (and stay) because 4 other players decided to enter and leave. It just floods the chat unnecessarily, gives opportunity for griefing, and prevents small alliances from growing.
Maybe make the timer as short as one hour and then make it longer the more you leave?

I expect a lot of these players are titan hunting and just looking to see if there’s an easy kill available.

They aren’t interested in getting to know people :man_shrugging:t3:


I understand your frustration, but keeping people in your alliance against their will isn’t the solution. People show up, look around, and decide whether or not they want to stay. A timer won’t change that - it will only increase frustration among those who are being held captive and make them more likely to leave the game altogether (at least IMO), which would be detrimental to the game developers’ desire to increase player numbers.

If you follow the Recruiting section on here, there are regular threads about alliances seeking mergers. Maybe you could find an alliance to merge with to solve your problems.

Best of luck to you.

P.S.: Yes, titan tourists are also very annoying @JonahTheBard - the only way to avoid them AFAIK is to make your alliance invitation only. But that won’t help you with your recruiting efforts.


There are some players always join to our alliance then instantly quit, seems they are looking for rare Titan and often join / quit the alliance they targeting. We want to keep our alliance open but that kind of player is really annoying us, can devs add blocking feature to the game so we can avoid that issue ? Tks.

Have you tried setting your required cups to a high level (say, 2800+) and/or set your alliance to invite only?

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I don’t think so, mercs don’t get anything better from a rare Titan, but they are harder to beat so normally not really extra targeted by them. Maybe he don’t know that.

Don’t really see any benefits from that but with invite only you can control who can enter. Whoever wants to join you will come regardless if you’re invite only or open. And if you are actively looking for mercs you can just open it and close it after the Titan is dead.

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Yes already set 1200 cups, may be too low I think…

This is not the first time they join then instantly quit from our alliance, it’s seems that they keep checking us (and other alliances ?) to see if we are fighting with rare Titan. Yes set to only by invite can solve that issue but we don’t want that setting.

But they get the same loot from a rare or non rare. It doesn’t make any difference for them. So not really sure if that’s the reason.

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oic… I have no idea too…

You can either go invite only or you can deal with that happening. Or set the cups to 3000+, which means nobody can realistically join anyway.

Our alliance briefly went open when we were low on members. It happened about once a day. They’re almost certainly Titan hunting.

The devs have provided a feature to avoid this. You’re not utilizing it.

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There is a blocking feature for known repeat offenders. Although this won’t help you in stopping mercs checking out your alliance.

:woman_shrugging:t2: As others have said, set your alliance to invite only, or set the trophy level ridiculously high like 4k, so players can’t just join without your knowledge.

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