People joining alliances with inactive leadership. Why?

Hello my friens at the Forum,

I was just looking arround for a new alliance when I recognized that many players are active in an alliance where the leader was online over 100 days ago. No co-leader. For me such an alliance is absolutely inactive and there is no benefit to join.
Why are those guys doing this? Does anyone know?


Generally it’s because they don’t know any better. Most new players don’t know how to check the leader’s profile for activity.

I found an alliance with leader beeing off 102d, co-leader off 192d. the alliance got 15 members and I count 2 beeing level 25, 1 level 23 and many level 15+. All active.
Another alliance having 27 members. Leader off since 161d. No co-leader. Their best man is level 33 but they are only 5 active other ones. Others 15+.

They should know I think…

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they think all alliances are like that

I use these alliances to recruit members.
If there are places in your alliance, go and offer them.

If you have never joined a zombie alliance, you might try it. It has benefits.

I started the same way. When join alliance unlocked I hit the search button and joined the first one I found that was open with no reqs. The leader was inactive for 176 days and the alliance stayed full because it had baby Titans everyone could kill and the usual AW match up was so low ranked we would steam roll them even with all noob teams. After a couple months I figured out that the alliance was holding back my progress and was invited by Pinks and am very happy where I am now.

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My first alliance I joined all leaders, elders were inactive. I had no idea until a few other members pointed this out. We created our own alliance and are alot better for it.
Basically newbies, to not only this game but strategy in general (yes myself included) have no idea until someone points it out.

hola, yo igual me uni a una aliembarazada donde su lider solo creo l ali y jamas jugo 309 dias inactivo, y los que crecimos formamos otra ali y ahi estamos. pero quedaron 6 miembros que tienen nivel 30 y no quieren salir, porque??, no lo se jamas se comunicaron nuestro lider nos ha ascendido bastante y ha premiado la constancia y fidelidad en el juego, seguimos buscando jugadores que quieran crecer y avanzar, somos «credences voorpret» saludos!!!

Can anyone please help me this is the first site i dont know how to create topic on… can someone please give me the info

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Give the magnifying glass you have above.


Es verdad fallo mio
It’s true, my fault.

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My alliance is made up of members from several countries, all of them Spanish speaking.
And we have taken the decision that when we need people we will not recruit, we will rescue dead alliance players from our respective countries.

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Official language is english. I speak only English and German.

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