People hitting titan score when not in the alliance

The dude castile is not in my alliance but was he’s now our in other alliance

Has not left the other alliance has not come to ours but there he is in our titan hit

There no is no hits from him. In that titan hit

Maybe like a twisted warped version of this:

Is the bug visible to other members of your alliance or just you?

Does force closing the game & restarting help/ fix it?

My mate pointed it out to me. So others seen it, More pissed off that said titan was a pass but there you go.

Also they left about 6 months ago

Very weird…

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Even from the top scorer’s list something is weird, 64k was no.2, while 159k was 3rd. If everyone registered the same then, I suppose any of your alliance member should contact support and file a bug report.

Actually good point on the damage delt by people as its smack bang in the middle and each above and below are higher.
Support ticket will prob end me back here.
If its looked at I’ll be greaful.

I think you should raise a support ticket, it seems clear enough,

The said player’s hits didn’t show in the event log of each players hits, but from no where registered an overall score in the middle of two higher scores on the top attackers list; if the player was not in your alliance and has not shown any joining and leaving, then it looks like a glitch or bug to be investigated.

This sent by my mate

It’s a higher titan but castile score the same

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