🦸‍♂ Peñolite - 5* Holy/Yellow

Am I the only person wondering what’s OP about this average speed attack-all hero?

Just don’t take summoners to fight him. Same as not bring yellow to fight Ursena.

On offense, if you got 9 tiles to fire an average speed hero, does it matter what hero you use at this point.

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It does for me. It always matters!
If your roster is both deep
And current… $$$
Then it will certainly matter less!

If your roster is new and limited
9 tile victories will be less common.

Or if your roster is old, like mine.
I have to compose teams to compete against these fiendish defenses and my only 2 options:

  1. Ignore them and try for that damaging win. This can be painful. With my old heroes, it’s more challenging for sure!
  2. Take a healer that heals less, eating up 1 of my slots and dragging on past your 9 tile victory.

In other words, No… you’re not alone.
Plenty in your shoes.

But I think a huge percentage of the population is not winning matches in 9 tiles and would gladly accept a counter to fiends that is more aggressive than a lessened healer.

Just came here to say that it is bull honky that this hero does the extra damage to C Kadilen. She DOESNT summon minions!!! It can’t get more clear cut! She puts up a dodge buff that CAN result in a minion being spawned if they are targeted AND the dodge works. She isn’t a summoner.
It’s not enough that this hero destroys Elizabeth, Hannah, Motega, Krampus, Mother North, Santa, all the Glenda era HOTMs, Delilah, Puss, Bera, Freya, etc…? They have to kill C Kad with this bunch. Totally ridiculous hero that at average speed can be 5 top tier snipers in one hit against the right defense. Just the 225% to all is decent. I mean, Odin barely beats that at MAX hit! SMH.

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You’re wrong. You win every match with 9 tiles? False.

I did 30 pulls and got both Gaillard and Penolite. Still cant believe it.


Should I do +20 emblems and LB them both? I got the mats for it.

Started testing her out in raids at 3-44 special 8/8. Doing unbuffed/ no defense down around 230-250 damage to non summoners and around 550 damage to summoners.

The stoneskin skill is a life saver on offense. Easy enough to navigate around on defense but will still be nice against hit all.

The decrease heal for 4 turns is really nice, especially against non cleanse healers. Makes it hard for the enemy to get rid of fiends.

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Does the passive “stone skin damage reduced to 1” get removed in Equalizer War?

It should as it’s a status effect but there was no way to test it in beta.

I am not sure if someone had chance to take her already on current war attacks to check it. A very few for sure.

I think a big part of the problem is that many have spent the last year leveling, embleming, and in many cases limit breaking minion summoners and fiend heroes. Now with Penolite about to make her entry in top defenses it is a huge risk to take them against them. Heroes you felt good about ascending, using your precious mats on because the were rare, and great, are now not so great.

It really kind of shows what SG has in store for us.

Do you think that Penolite is worth limit breaking?

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Should I limit break her ? My options r Sir Rooster, Poseidon , C Joon,Devana,Uraeus ,Inari, Leonidas,Vivica,Justice. I have all the emblems for everyone here … thank you .

I agree with you here. Usually you see a couple minion summoners or a couple fiend summoners on a team which means she will hit two hero’s very hard and the rest not hard at all which is why they gave the healing reduction for this hero would be so niche to be obnoxious. I almost think the blue guy (Gaillard) is almost better as he is fast and will stop all fiends from working. I would prefer Skadi for minion summoners and Gaillard to stop the fiends.

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I’m happy that Penolite was added to the game. Wish I had him. The fiend meta is out of control. Every top team has Elizabeth and/or Hannah, then add in C. Kadilen, Krampus, Bera, Frigg, and a few other minion summoners and before you know it the entire board is covered in fiends and minions.

Hopefully enough people got this new hero to shake up that meta a bit. Every team looks too similar now in the top 100.

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