🦸‍♂ Peñolite - 5* Holy/Yellow

Here are my thoughts on Penolite:

Thank you


Just pulled this beast with 5 pulls at .02% odds and decided to see what everyone thought of it!!! I just leveled odin so darts are a long ways off but I’m so glad I pulled this hero! I never normally get any event hero’s and I’m very cheap to play so this was sweet! Minions are the current meta so I’ll be fast tracking him/her(???)


Just got her … she looks like the strongest hero in game ??

For comparison, Anzhog does 215% damage to all enemies at average speed. With a heal that can be unnoticeable.

Against non summoner
Against non fiend
She practically does Glenda boosted Anzogh damage.

Now, up top…
9/10 defenses have a fiend type hero
The other 1, is packing a summoner.
Along with 90% of the population…
Summoners are abundant.
And more fiendish enemy are on the way! Thousands are still leveling them.

Most Niche heroes are questionable because, you need multiples of the niche enemy to be effective.
Which is usually accompanied by some goofy stats or speed. Like Noor with her Slow speed. Some folks found that unattractive for the consumption of 6 rings

And later chose the fast summoner with the same niche.

But Peno… 490% RANGER damage accompanied by a heal dampener to ensure that damage sticks,

The Current Meta

Is usually the type of hero that gets nerfed later. But we are passed nerfs and buffs and doing a different, more expensive form of balance now.
In an unquestionably more expensive niche game system.
Someone got his wish! :money_mouth_face::drooling_face:

You will not possibly be dissatisfied with developing this hero.

And on and on and on


As SG couldn’t nerf Helisabeth, they create heroes to make you regret all the money you spend to get her. Lucky smile to the credit card.


wonder how this is gonna be in undead horde wars … any thoughts, I appreciate the help

Since it does not work against druids.
It will not work in undead either.
The enemy has to actually have a “summons” or “fiend” in the skill.

I do see a lot of summoners in undead war attempting to capitalize by adding on

Even if none. Her Glenda boosted Anzogh damage will wipe the dead and then some.
And add a heal debuff to boot

Kind of like the already OP niche Skadi
But not just against abundant summoners… also the fiendish
That’s a very big deal!


100% yes, saw a video he hit KadC by 900 damage

KadC is a summoner?
That’s a bit interesting actually
I’m not sure she is, but the word minions does appear. Looks like another messy skill. Like a reflect that can stack ailments

Yeah Puss in Boots skill can summon her minion too, so she is treated as minion summoner

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Haha. This is crazy!
I can’t wait to see what the portals bring in 2022.

This hero is exactly the reason why I never chase top defensive heroes. I skipped Bera. Skipped Frigg. Skipped Elizabeth. No regrets. SG will always do whatever they can to counter meta defenses so people feel obligated to pull again after they are no longer ‘unbeatable’.

It’s ruining pretty much all Bera/Elizabeth/Hannah/C Kadilen based defenses. While being pretty mediocre against defenses without those (Guardian Kong deals more similar dmg…). On defense, it’s easy to counter as well. So pretty much a “Stop using the Eli/Hannah/Senan defenses folks and pull our new releases pls” hero.

I am not overly excited about OPness of this hero; I like thinking my Thor+Inari are also good anti-fiend heroes (as they make those fiend casters miss everything); it’s just, they can fire before I charge Inari; same as they will charge before I charge Penny. She might just be late to the party. Still A tier hero for sure, just some seem to think she’s an atomic bomb of some sort. Though I keep my fingers crossed for her; I get some sinful satisfaction when those ‘unbeatable shiny superexpensive defenses’ get their medicine.

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786 x 2.5 = 1965 - Kong
811 x 2.45 = 1986 - Peno

There is more to damage in principle
But it won’t change the inaccuracy

Don’t worry @GraveDiggerGD:

:point_up_2: that won’t happen.
Any time soon that is…
In fact, there maybe more fiendish otw

Despite the anti-rare rhetoric that Myztero got. Your hero IS rare!
Look what anti-summons did to summoners.

However. Brace yourself,
There is a movement in this forum to judge according to defensive application.
And your new toy will be easy to navigate on defense. She is…
An offensive hero
Against the current meta

There are so many niches now…
The one with least counters will prevail

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Ok, I stand corrected; she deals comparable damage to Guardian Kong :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember this is just the first appearance of them. They’ll both get their portal pretty early in 2022. Chances will grow. Not extremely, but still.

And if not those then the next ones. SG will continue until they achieve their goal. Look what happened to DoT’s. Counters started with Zimkitha then Grazul then Vanda… Ended with Elradir and Slayers Family passive. DoTs just don’t exist anymore in top defenses.

Then minions. There was time in the game where literally every other HotM was countering minions, until really only Bera survived (and mostly because of the DoT and mana cut and not the minions).

Fiends are next line. SG won’t stop until they are just too easy to deal with for anyone to rely on them in defense.

I only wonder what they’ll do about those AoE hitters like Morel/Frigg etc. They may have hard time countering those. But I am pretty sure greatest minds of Finland are already on the task lol. A fast/very fast taunter? Why not. :man_shrugging:


It could go either way.

Summoners also continued to evolve.

Will fiendish carry on, or have we seen the last of them?

I doubt we have seen the last of summoners…

Yup, they can just add a passive bonus like “there’s 75% chance minion summoned by this hero will resist the direct minion removal or effects that impact minions” and it starts all over again. And to counter that you will have heroes that passively prevent summoning minions etc.

Which is why I think playing the game focusing on building your top defense to reflect what entire top 100 is using isn’t the way to go. Unless you have a bank full of money and can throw 50,000 gems at each new portal containing someone you want or need. Else, you will go bankrupt when you try and your superhero will be countered in 6 months anyway so you’ll need to replace them with whatever the new meta is (and a new bag of money just like that). Which is why I’ll always prioritize offensive use over defense in my pulling/ascension decisions. And as for defense, it’s always better to try and figure out something on your own that’s not necessarily a copy of the top.


I’ve been saying all that since last year!
The starting over again, is hard to see when your dumping tons of cash.
And the consequences…
The result on your entire roster…
Impossible…to perceive when your doing 180 kmph in your Lamborghini

Being up top. Requires a “wall” defense.
Not being up there, is more relaxing

The only OP defenses left standing will be the defenses with the OP family bonuses like the Slayers or the wolf Family and their undispellable buffs. Of course this will take a lot of cash to get but I think Zynga is okay with that

:point_up_2: This is just the tip of the iceberg
There is something beneath the water
That extends its way down
Has more, mass!

It will also touch those with lesser means
As they start to experience the game
And lack options for all these…

It should also not be overlooked:
Barbarian vs… Ranger!
Will not assist the comparison

Especially when 490% does play
While Kong watches from the
Nosebleed section

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