Penalize or FIX war deserters (Players who leave during War or after Matchmaking)

Agree with you its shouldn’t be allowed . They want to leave an alliance they must tell before they do so Then settle things before leaving. I would be very angry of this happens in my alliance.

But the system can easily make a difference between who leave the alliance or who are kicked out… The point taken in consideration is to penalize those players that leave an alliance during war…

I agree that these people should be punished. But I also think they deserve a warning.

For the punishment I would choose not being able to join another alliance until the end of the war + (2 hours times the number of unused flags).

This punishment might be too severe, though, which could leave to players not playing anymore, so the milder options would be just the 2 hours X unused flags.

But they would be warned. When leaving during the war, they would get a message that they have unused flags and if they leave now, they wont be allowed to join another alliance for xx hours.

Even if they have to stay, you can’take make them use their flags.


I agree that people that just move in and out of an alliance is tough on those that stay. In a different game, the group (alliance) wouldn’t allow any new members a day before for during a War.

A second request I would ask for is to give the leader the option to remove a player from the ‘War’, sometimes people leave and don’t remove themselves.

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Welcome Krow. Regarding your second suggestion, I thought I’d share this thread with you. That topic has been (and continues to be) greatly debated.


Cool, thanks, do they listen?

As in “they,” do you mean the developers? There is a good amount of proof that some feature ideas do come from fellow players and this forum. Not all ideas though, and not all are implemented how the players have hoped, but they do listen.

Examples include Request to Buff Aegir and Alchemy Lab. One of these has been received well, one not so much. But both came from players. And there are other examples.

It seems alot of peeps r now leaving mid war without using all flags.this is both rude and bad manners. I believe there should be a penalty for the player that does this. War can be won or lost through flag USAGE. Penalty could be not allowed to join another alliance for 7 days.

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The idea is difficult, there can be situations where the parties can no longer deal with each other.
To lock somebody then completely for other alliances then I would find too hard.
Maybe you should disable them for wars 1 week, which in my opinion is enough punishment.

I agree…I’ve had war jumpers…and it can cost u a war…I like yr idea of a tag…stating how many alliances u have been in, except it wint work for mercs, who hop in to help then hop out again whether it be titans or war. I believe there should be a penalty for leaving midweek war…as it affects whole alliance,. I dont think it shld be based around flag USAGE, as so many alliances have smaller members and r not required or can use all flags but those particular peeps who opt 8n for war then leave. These r peeps who dont care, anyone in an alliance and has rl probs, normally let somone know and if cant…dont leave alliance, just dont use flags…a d it happens and is ok it is after all a game. Noone shld be penalised if they r kicked that’s down to leadership not the individual.

Penalize those who didnt use all flags with not giving them points. That would solve a lot.

We often have members who are just beginning.
Most of them do not have 6 teams yet.
We allow them to participate in the wars so that they fit into the community from the beginning.
Due to the missing attacks of the beginners we have not lost a war in my opinion.

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Sometimes there is issues! I’m a war player always uses my flags! My phone died by the time I got home I had 20 mins to use 6 flags I had 3 clear up n 3 full teams to get rid of. Mathematical we couldn’t win but I had 1 flag left and time run out. Should i be punished?

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I’m sure your leaders understand when there is a legitimate, uncontrollable issue. We monitor the activity of our players and watch for a pattern of inactivity.

I agree it’s unreasonable to penalize players for missing flags. If a player is a repeat offender then they are usually “punished” by being removed from the alliance.

Players who leave an alliance before using all their war flags don’t deserve respect. Even if the player feels they have a good reason to do so, it’s still better form to use your flags before leaving.

Anytime we’ve had a potential new player indicate they are going to join our alliance, I wait to see if they say they will finish their own war first - otherwise they may do the same to us one day!

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Yeah they was cool! But like you say new people you have to watch out for.
Reason people leave an alliance is they don’t fit in or can’t handle the rules or other beef! If they in war and leave and don’t use there flags ok they “say” get branded for a while but people will smart up they will use there flags but take 5 brands for battle. They used all flags but still sabotaged the war! :woman_shrugging:

I agree. Very annoying when a player leaves mid way in a war. Could be the difference of winning or defeat. Good call. Lock them in till the end . Easy.


You do realize they already get no points for flags they don’t use, right?

I meant war chest points @Megaspeargun


That’s not the point, it’s the impact on the alliance they leave that is the problem and should be penalised. It costs them nothing to wait til war ends or at least all their flags r used. As a leader we know our teams and peeps and give leeway when required. It’s those that join, then, leave during war without a thought