Penalize or FIX war deserters (Players who leave during War or after Matchmaking)

My biggest annoyance in the game is players leaving the alliance before the war is over without using their attacks. This could be discouraged by penalizing this behaviour, for example by not allowing them to join the next three wars in their next alliance. Or the option to leave the alliance could be disabled after matchmaking until all six flags are used.

I think not allowing them to participate in their new alliance wars is best AND it be clearly visible to the other members in the alliance, so they can see what kind of person is in their alliance.


I like the idea, but think three wars is too much. It’s hours for titans. One is sufficient in my opinion.


It’s a tough call to ask SG to intervene for “social problems”. Abuse is one thing but really that is just a situation that is undesirable not account limiting.


But how will you be able to penalise them? Say joe bloggs leaves you in war with 6 flags on the filed! For 500 gems they can change there name to well anything and joe bloggs is no more.

You block Joe… then it’ll have his new name on there when he changes it. Joe is screwed from that point on… unless he joins one of the million alliances your not in and history repeats itself. Let’s hope Joe catches on and curbs his evil ways.


2 out of the last 3 wars we’ve had a new recruit abandon us during matchmaking. This places us at a 6 flag disadvantage.

Please make it so that if you leave after matchmaking starts and before war ends thst you can’t join or start an alliancs for say a month.


To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Forum users are very blood thirsty.

War ( what is it good for )

Still sucks.

Because. Humans.


Oh yes, we are very bloodthirsty when 1 troll hurts 29 team players. Wars are often very close and those 6 unused flags can undo the entire war effort of the other 29 members. The loot the loser gets is more of an insult than a reward for time and effort invested in the war.


I can certainly sympathize with your situation, I’ve had to deal with trashy members ruining things for the rest of the alliance… however…

I’ve also been on the “other side” of that equation, having devoted myself to a particular alliance and being driven away in the midst of a war. I certainly wasn’t trolling anyone - if anything, I was the one being trolled.

But that’s all in the past and not worth getting into. I just think that your proposed punishment seems a bit excessive since it doesn’t take into consideration the reasons why the player left. Yes, some of them are just trolly troll lurkers who have no business joining alliances in the first place, but sometimes people leave alliances for legitimate reasons, and you can’t really say “nobody is allowed to leave an alliance on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays or Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays, or else you get banned from joining other alliances”. That’s kind of arbitrary. “okay, so I can’t leave during the war, I’ll just stay and not use any flags, happy now?”

I do understand your point though. Accepting new members is a risk. Maybe instead of just punishing anyone who leaves during wars, maybe there should be a tracker thingy on each player that shows how long they were in their last alliance or how many alliances they’ve joined in the last 30 days, or something like that. There are tons of players in the game who like to “browse” alliances, thinking they can just come and go at their leisure, without realizing (or even caring) how it might affect the alliances they’re window shopping at. Which is precisely why I made my alliance invite only! I don’t need that kind of trash cluttering up my clan (if we need more garbage, all I have to do is open my mouth and let it spew out :laughing:)

but in all seriousness. Yes, there are trolls, and filthy casuals who just wander from one alliance to another without a care in the world, but sometimes people leave alliances for legitimate reasons, and yes, sometimes that happens right before or in the middle of a war. â– â– â– â–  happens. :man_shrugging:


I think when somebody leaves during war prep and has a legit reason they’ll voice it.

“Sorry guys, my wife says I can’t play anymore.”

“Sorry guys, my dog ate my phone. I’m typing this on my neighbor’s phone.”

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6 wars, it’s got to hurt bad.

I burnt a couple of good alliances during the war stage because I started getting panic attacks.

I did 2 tours in the Gulf and wasn’t as stressed.

I now opt out of all wars and I couldn’t be happier.


The only valid one is anything to do with the wife/partner… I would fear for my phone’s life so I would not want to risk it haha


I left my first alliance during war prep because… well the reason was twofold.

One, I got tired of dealing with drama from one of the co-leads.

……… and secondly, the co-lead in question was also causing drama with my significant other.

So really, I had no choice.

I did leave a brief message before leaving, something along the lines of “thanks all, it’s been fun, love ya guys but I can’t stay here anymore”. I didn’t mean to burn them in the war like that, but I also didn’t want to deal with all that drama for 2 more days.


As @TGW has pointed out there are reasons people leave other than out of spite. I do not think it is proper for SG to decide that someone leaving a war during matchmaking is solely malicious. Furthermore if you are in an alliance where a co-lead is causing drama you should have every right to leave.

I ask this point be considered before people choose to cast their votes.


The leader should choose the option of the player getting penalty. If you have line msg your leadership. Personally, I would have kicked the co for starting the drama


I was actually the leader at the time (after being voted into the role by a majority when our former leader stepped down). I allowed the co to voice her opinions because I wanted to run things democratically, and I knew she had supporters in the group.

Long story short, I made some decisions when she was offline (with the support of others in the alliance) that she didn’t agree with, and she was extremely vocal in expressing her disapproval for my actions. I had the power to demote and kick her, but I considered that to be an abuse of power, and I wasn’t sure if the other members would have approved… so instead I politely stepped down from my post and left the alliance, because I didn’t want to be the reason that the alliance broke apart. “The needs of the many,” etc.


I agree with you… specially because it starts to happen it more frequently with some player that leave the alliance during the war by bad intention. Then I have seem then on the general chat making bulling and telling everyone that they do what they want. Right now, there are not a wait to stop that behaviour, and to me, this attempts to the basic way to play… SG should be considered that as serious as cheating or insulting.


There’s yet another side here that isn’t what TGW mentioned: people that get kicked from an alliance during matchmaking.

I was in an alliance that had someone (I think it was an elder, but may have been a co-leader) who just decided that there were people they wanted gone because they ere either:

  1. Not good enough: lower cups, level, or poor titan scores/hit ratio, or

  2. Kind of chat disruptive, such as a new player asking lots of questions, or repeated dumb questions.

So they went rogue, and booted a bunch of people, say 6-8. We noticed people were just gone, and eventually it was determined who did it, and then they left.

You can’t fairly punish people for being forced out for no reason, so this will be difficult to implement, unless the server can differentiate between being kicked and leaving…

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