Peace be with Big brock and his Family

@everyone This is BigBrock49ers daughter. I am sorry to inform everyone but he passed away on February 10, 2020. I recently received his belongings and know how much he loved playing his online games. I thought it was only right to inform the people he shared this passion with. Thank you for getting him frustrated, making him laugh, and feel victorious through every game. I appreciate each and everyone of you. He was a good man and an amazing father. Please keep him in your prayers. Big Brock with miss my our alliance. I hope and pray for his family.


We will miss you big the 9-9 Family

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Please pass on my symphathy to his daughter and family and let her know how much I appreciate her thinking about this community and letting us know. We aren’t just anonoymous mobile game players, we are real people who care about the friendships we’ve formed through our enjoyment of this game.

My condolences as well to your alliance members. I’m sure they feel the loss.


Big Brock always seemed chill. Very well liked and as someone who suffers from a chronic Disease I’m glad he had a place to come and release from the world. Rest easy BigBrock.


Sorry for your loss, and thank you for taking the time to share this with our community. My condolences to everyone who knew him. :heart:


Sad to hear of the passing of Bigbrock. My condolences to his family. Bigbrock, you will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace warrior.


So very sorry to hear of your loss. My sincere condolences to family, friends and alliance members. Surround yourselves with loving memories and take care of each other.


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