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This would of course totally depend on rewards, but I’m leaning towards the 0 gems.


sorry for the 2 persons that already voted. included :gem: and poll reseted :disappointed_relieved:


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My answer depends entirely on the rewards, so i can’t answer.


I could spend 50 gems to try it once, see what it is all about.


if 90% of the participation fee would be put in the rewards and the 1/3 of participants would get at least gems then i am ok with a participation fee.

Would entirely depend on rewards. But my likely answer is not on your list i.e. zero - but I am not F2P


for this consider it F2P… lol… dont get stuck in paperwork as the politics :wink:


Ha. Ok. so for this I now interpret F2P as “Free to Participate


Yup, thats what I ment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry but im F2P/C2P. im not gonna spend much money. :wink:
gonna maybe spend once just to see whats its all about but thats all.
I prefer spending my gems on invocations


Easy enough to accumulate over 10 gems per week through regular monster and raid chests alone without speeding them up… so I’d be willing to spend 10 gems each week.

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If it’s monthly id say 10 daily summon tokens.
Hey, it could be counted as 1500 gems! :smirk:


Im not actually f2p but my gems go to the Summons/Atlantis gate…for this though, I’ll stay free and raid all i want too…for free


if it the rewards are worth it and you cant rerun the levels to make it fair for all who just happened to get that bad board and had to deal with it 100 gems per week would be fair thats like 3 days of v.i.p or so if you had v.i.p. for a year you could compete all year without working for it and v.i.p for a year is only 49.95. good way to get pelple to purchase the year subscription and feel like they get more value than the monthly one because they guaranteed to have enough gems to do the weekly raid all year long, and steep enough to only get players who like to compete and should be old enough not to whine everytime they dont place or scream CONSPIRACY from SG.

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You don’t have to be f2p in order to say out loud that game content never ever should be behind a paywall.


I’m F2P and I can spend 10gems/month (or if treasures will be awesome I can change my mind)

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Everyone that says “depends on the rewards”, should seriously rethink that sentiment. The principle at stake is whether game content should be available for all and for free. There are enough opportunities for spending already.


If gems are required as entry fee, then no. Since I also don’t raid, and if this particular mode of the game involves raiding, then the answer is already no.


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