PC version of the game?


Just curious if they have any plans to release a desktop version of the game? I love playing on my tablet, but would love to see all the beautiful graphics on a desktop computer.


@Coppersky Have you heard anything? Hmmm!


I haven’t heard of such plans. I think they have their hands full with the current versions :slight_smile:


No plans that I’ve heard of! But having said that I use Bluestacks on my Mac, and it’s an Android emulator. It seems to do really well, aside from the occasional missing font, and is able to run on PCs, Chrome books (though may not be necessary if you can upgrade your Chrome book to do Google Play).

So as long as you use the same GooglePlay account on your mobile and Bluestacks, I think you should be fine for saving progress, but I haven’t tried it. My mobile runs on iOS, and there’s no emulator for that. It’s a second account that I’ve been running off of Bluestacks.

Playing on Computer

Can you link both gamecenter and google play account to same EP account? I could try that Bluestack, but I play ios atm…


I haven’t heard of the ability to play across platforms at this time. I don know that Small Giant support is able to do a recovery and port to the other platform, in the event that people get new devices.


I don’t think this would be hard to implement technically, if it isn’t already. Your account in their database would have a slot for each id. If you log in with either account it finds your player account and returns that data. That would of course require them to link those accounts manually, or make the possibility in the client for us to do it.

It would be great if you did. I could see a situation that someone has an iPhone but android tablet.


hello, I wanted to know if you can also play from the computer by entering facebook. I have already accessed from my mobile but I can not get it on my PC


The game does not run on Facebook at this time. To run Empires & Puzzles on a computer you need to use a program called Bluestacks. It’s free, and easy to find using a Google search.