Pay2Participate Content (New Raid Challenges). What do you think?

On the 25’th of January all beta testers got a updated set of rules. It states that all beta content that is posted outside of the Beta lounge will be removed.

Pay 2 play content sounds horrible. I’m waiting and will see what will finally be in the game. The normal challenge event, how it is right now is pretty bad. If there will be another “event”, raid challenge… with an entry fee, this could kill the fun for me. But like I said, I’m waiting until I know exactly what is going on.


So, if we were in beta we would have a right to voice our opinions on this subject, but since we aren’t beta people, we shouldn’t get to discuss it because it isn’t “reality” yet…doesn’t sound right to me. I think this is the kind of issue that needs discussed by as many players as possible so SG knows what we think and not just the few people lucky enough to be designated “beta testers”


Or simply by number of attempts.
Everybody gets a fixes amount of attempts.
( I have no clue what this event is about so not hindered by any logic in this case :wink: )

And for the second part; I personally do not think that any voice should be more heard or less heard. As long as you are putting in a valid discussion or arguments, everybody should be heard equally.

And how are non-beta players supposed to know this?
I can see why there is a urge for discussion on this matter because many players like the game they play, but do not want to (or are able to) pay to play.


Good thing we’re not beta :face_with_monocle:

We could simply say “should the game have a raid event that is pay to participate” without saying beta is already testing it and fit nicely into a loophole and will go that route if needed but it’s kinda pointless to force us to do that

But yea if @Kerridoc wants to jump through the hoops of hiding every post mentioning beta and/or shutting down the thread so that we open a new one with same subject material under a different topic title but include much of the same information without directly saying from beta, by all means he can knock himself out

Just be a waste of his effort, and all involved

Guess who it doesnt effect? The ones who made the rule lol, go figure


Actually i can agree with that point, I myself do not like the looks of this new development. But I am pretty sure this thread will be shut down if you are directly adressing beta content and sharing info about it. A general discussion about paywalls would be better. That should get the point across even if it isn’t directly related to the raid challenges.


Yeah a discussion like that that gets the point across without possibility of being shut down does make sense…

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I also agree that talking about this when it’s still “work in progress” is a good thing, and that’s why i mention it.

Complain about something when it’s already done and finished it seems to me less productive.


You are right, Non beta players wouldn’t know this. It’s a mistake that the information about the raid challenges have reached the public in the first place. I can not blame people for wanting to talk about it as it is a pretty big subject.


Speaking in generalities only … I don’t like the idea of “paying” to participate. If I choose to pay for certain items, that’s my choice but I believe every player should have FREE access to each event.


Beta info leaks the morning it opens. Always has and always will.

SG cant stop it. Beta testers cant stop it. Non beta players cant stop it. Just somethin else to divide the community much like the pay to play raid challenges being tested in beta lol i have no problem with you daniel but this leak was not a mistake. Beta testers are an extremely small group of the community and have been ignored by SG before.

Public forum is always the best guage of how well recieved a new feature or idea will be. Taking couple 100 out of a couple million and asking “do you think this is a good idea?” Is a terrible guage

Idk any player in or out of beta that thinks this is event system is a good idea.

Monthly events have good rewards(ok decent rewards) for all and nothing in stone that says “must spend”. Much more welcoming than “if you dont have gems, buy some, if you cant buy some then you cant play”


I consider myself a “rappresentative” of F2P in beta, so pretty much is obvious what’s my point of view, but i try to get real as much as i can.

Simply put, there’s no way this event gonna be “FREE” for all. It’s simply impossible in my eyes and i don’t try to even fight back.

The whole purpose of this event is clear to me, and making it free go against his very nature.
All kind of players are in there, and Small Giant are literally running a business here.
There’s simply no way they gonna turn around and make it free. And even if it is possible, the next one would not be free.

So let’s fight for something that we can accomplish.
Making that price from 100 to 25 or so.

What you say?


There’s a line, a threshold, where the tie around your neck becomes a noose. Where play becomes work, and work becomes a prison. I am getting closer and closer to that line and have thoughts of removing myself from the game, both for personal and for game reasons.

If there is a pay to play aspect, that will put me over the threshold. I think acquiescing to their structure now will grant them our consent in erecting more pay structures in the future.


Agreed, I am a tad stuck up when it comes to to the ‘‘rules’’. This leak in particular wasn’t a bad one.


If we all ‘agree’ not to participate in the new challenge because we want to make a statement, revenue will be a lot lower than expected.
I personally do not see it happen that prices will be lowered to a quarter of original price.
SG is running a business that is called making profit. Somebody will have made calculations about how much money is going to be made from this new event (same as for the new Valentine’s day buy) and advises SG to go on, stop or adjust an event pricewise.
So hope to have them lower the amount needed is not a thing I would recommend.


Discussion of Beta content is fine, so long as no content (pics, video) is actually distributed.


I see that more of a “forcing summons” rather then a direct revenue. You steal gems away to force F2P buying it for using on the portal.
And if you buy once… why not two? Two and not three? And so on.

But starting from 100 (so 400 in a month) is pretty much all the savings a F2P have, and that’s kinda aggressive even for them.

Making a starting point of 25 and as time comes add new pay to play event 25 gems everytime is a softer (and better) way to introduce this kind of system.

I agree that skip partecipation is the most effective way to adress our disappointment.
But we can try to change it before it take place for now.

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Okay, Then i interpreted the message we got wrong :smiley: It stated that all beta content outside of the beta lounge would get removed. My bad peeps :zipper_mouth_face:

If true, it’s a game killer. Beta testers do your job and save the game.


There are instructions in place for Beta players, and then there is speculation allowed on the part of non-Beta.

When I ask SG, I’m told “no pics or videos”. :wink:


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